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Unit 8 South Asia

What are seasonal winds that change direction at different times of the year called? monsoons
A circular shaped island made of coral is called what? an atoll
In the 1970s, there was an effort to use modern techniques and science to increase food production in poorer countries. What was this event called? the Green revolution
What is the belief that a person's soul is reborn in another body after death? Reincarnation
What is it called when someone uses nonviolent protest to challenge laws? civil disobedience
What is it called when someone refuses to buy items from a country? a boycott
What is a social class that a person is born into and cannot change called? a caste
A large landmass that is part of a continent is called what? a subcontinent
Hiring workers in other countries to do jobs is called what? outsourcing
What effect do the summer monsoons have on South Asia? The summer monsoons bring monsoon rains that pour down on parts of South Asia (The Ganges Plain, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka).
Which country has massive flooding because of the monsoons? Bangladesh
Which civilization had advanced plumbing and sewer systems? Indus River Valley civilization
Which civilization spread Buddhism across Asia? Mauryan Empire
Which civilization divided its people into castes and brought sanskrit to India? Aryans
Which civilization built mosques, gardens, and the Taj Mahal? Mogul Empire
What is the core belief of Hinduism? The soul passes through a cycle of many lives and its next life is always dependent on how the previous life was lived
What is the goal of life for Hindus? To be released from reincarnation (through good works) and be joined to Brahman
What are some effects of Hinduism on the daily life of Hindus? (many possible answers) Hindus don't eat beef because they believe cows are sacred. Hindus place their dead in the Ganges River because they believe it is the most sacred water.
What is the core belief of Buddhism? That one can be free of all suffering in life by detaching oneself from all earthly desires
What is the goal of life for Buddhists? Enlightenment (complete detachment from earthly desires)
What are some effects of Buddhism on the daily life of Buddhists? (many possible answers) Buddhists often are vegetarian because they respect all living creatures. Buddhist meditate to increase their awareness.
What is the core belief of Islam? There is only one god and Muhammad is the prophet of God.
How does population growth affect people in South Asia? There is increased pollution and less land for farming, good housing, food, and clean water. The poor are hurt the most.
What problem that is happening with the Ganges River? It is becoming polluted from factories, pesticides, human remains, and trash/garbage.
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