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unit 4 vocab.

sustained to stretch or extend
original new or different
emphasis a saying or special force to say something
suitable something that fits
exhibition a display
aviation flying aircraft
pesky troublesome
elements principles of a subject
data items of information
era recorded event in history
chaotic lacking visible order
subway an electric rail road that goes underground
hub the middle of something
commence to begin; start
excavated to uncover by digging
perpendicular at right angles
notoriously widely and unfavorably known
modified to change in form or character
calculation results of something
constitute to make up or form
capacity the amount that can be filled in a space
clustered to gather into bunches
embraces a close encircling with in the arms
bound going or intending to go
acquaintances a person that is not a close friend
circulated pass from person to person
nationalities the fact or condition of a country
despaired to completely lose hope
transplant to take a thing and move it somewhere else
optimistic tending to look at positive stuff
literature printed matter of any kind
informed in the know
grandeur greatness
deliberately carefully and slowly
pondered to think about something carefully
giddy feeling dizzy
ornamental used for decoration
foretold to tell ahead of time
conducted to direct or lead
humbler more humble
decade a period of ten years
labor hard work ; toil
tragedy a sad or dreadful event ; disaster
eliminate to get rid of ; remove
fortunes great wealth ; riches
terrain land or ground
hazardous likely to cause harm or injury
bankruptcy a state of being unable to pay what is owed
treaty a formal agreement between countries
negotiating to talk over and arrange
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