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Pharmacy Tech Abrvs


arter artery
arthr joint
bronch bronchus
carcin cancer
cardi heart
cyst bladder
derma skin
enter abdomen/intestine
gastr stomach
gluco sugar
hemo blood
hepat liver
my muscle
nasa nose
nephr kidney
neur nerve
oste bone
patho disease
phleb vein
pneum lung
psych mind
procto rectum
pulmo lung
ren kidney
rhin nose
thromb blood cot
vas vessel
a-, an- without
ante- before
anti- inhibit, oppose
bio- living organisms
brady- slow
con- against
contra- against
dia- complete
dys- abnormal, difficult
en- in
ex- out
hyper- too much
hypo- too little
inter- between, among
intra- within
macro- large
mal- abnormal
micro- small
neo- new
para- around
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre- before, in front
sub- below, underlying
tachy- fast
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-algia pain
-ase enzyme
-cide kill, killer
-cyte cell
-dipsia thirst
-ectomy surgical removal
-emia blood condition
-ic pertaining to
-itis inflammation
-logist specialist
-logy study of
-oid remesbling
-oma tumor
-osis condition
-pathy disease
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhage flowing discharge
-sclerosis hardening
-scope instrument
-scopy viewing of
-stasis control
-uria urine
ADE adverse drug effect
ADR adverse drug reaction
AWP average wholesale price
cmpd; cpd compound
conc concentration
DRG diagnosis-related group
D/C; DC discontinue -
disp. dispense
DAW dispense as written
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DUR drug utilization review
elix elixir
EC enteric coated
fl. fluid
FDA Food and Drug Administration
MAC maximum allowable cost
NKA no known allergies
NPO nothing by mouth
oint; ung ointment
OTC over the counter
ped pediatric
Rx prescription
C-I Schedule I
C-II Schedule II
C-III Schedule III
C-IV Schedule IV
C-V Schedule V
slon solution
supp suppository
syr syrup
vit vitamin
ag; aqua water
WAC wholesale acquisition cost
p after
pc ater meals
pc & hs after meals and at bedtime
pm afternoon
ad lib as desired
u.d. as directed
prn as needed
ASAP as soon as possible
hs bedtime -
ac before meals
ac & hs before meals and at bedtime
AU both ears -
OU both eyes -
po; PO by mouth
qd; QD every day -
DAW dispense as written
DS double strength
q; Q every
qhs; QHS every day as bedtime -
qpm; QPM every afternoon/meaning
qh; QH every hour
qam; QAM every morning
qod; QOD every other day -
qw every week
qid; QID four times daily
hr hour
AS left ear -
OS left eye -
MR may repeat
AD right ear -
OD right eye -
tid; TID three times daily
bid; BID twice daily
w; wk week
c` with
s without
W/A; WA while awake
24H 24 hours
BU buccal
PO by mouth
EX external
IN inhalation
Inj injection
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
IV intravenous
IVPB intravenous piggyback
IVP intravenous push
IU intrauterine
MDI metered dose inhaler
MT mouth/throat
NA nasal
oph; opth ophthalmic
OR oral
OT otic
PR; RE rectally
SC subcutaneous -
SL sublingual
tinct. tincture
TD transdermal
UR urethral
PV; VA vaginally
Amp ampule
Cap capsule
Cm centimeter
Cc cubic centimeter -
Gtt drop
Gtts drops
aa; ea each
fl. oz. fluid ounce
gr. grain
g; gm gram
H; hr hour
kg kilogram
L liter
Mcg microgram
Mg milligram
mEq milliequivalent
ml; mL milliliter
Mm millimeter
oz ounce
lb.; # pound
tbsp; TBS tablespoon
Tab tablet
Tsp teaspoon
U unit -
ss half -
apap; APAP acetaminophen
AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome
asa; ASA aspirin
ADD attention deficit disorder
ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ANS autonomic nervous system
pre op before surgery
BC; BCP birth control; birth control pills
BP blood pressure
BS blood sugar
BM bowel movement
Ca calcium
carb carbohydrate
CNS central nervous system
CHF congestive heart failure
D5W dextrose 5% in water
D/C; DC discontinue -
ECG; EKG electrocardiogram
EEG electroencephalogram
GI gastrointestinal
GU gastrourinary
HA headache
HMO health maintenance organization
Hx history
HIV numan immunodeficiency virus
HCTZ hydrochlorothiazide -
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide
ICU intensive care unit
Fe iron
Mg magnesium
MgO; MagOx magnesium oxide
MCO managed care organization
MOM milk of magnesia
MV; MVI multiple vitamin
N/V; N&V nausea and vomiting
NYG nitroglycerine
NSAs nonsedating antihistamines
NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflmmatory drugs
NS nonsaline
PCN penicillin
K potassium
KCl potasium chloride
PPO preferred provider organization
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
TCN tetracycline
TPN total parenteral nutrition
UTI urninary tract infection
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