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RADT 465 IA and Eval

ARRT REGISTRY REVIEW image acquisition and evaluation

In digital imaging pixel size is determined by? Dividing the field of view by the matrix
The greater the number of bits The more shades of gray
Number of photons in the x-ray beam is? Beam intensity
True or False: CR systems convert x-ray photons into useful information much more efficiently than film-screen systems? True
True or False: photon energy is directly related to wavelenght? False
Grid ratio Defined as the height of the lead strips to the width of the interspace material
Would you have to increase or decrease technique for these pathologic conditions Paget, ascites, atelectasis? Increase
Scatter radiation can be minimized by? Use optimal kilovoltage
The radiographer can manipulate digital images displayed on the CRT through Postprocessing
Radiographic contrast Degree of difference between adjacent densities
Shape distortion is caused by Improper alignment of the tube, part, and IR
Flat-panel detectors use two different types of image capture Indirect and direct
Pixel Two-dimensional picture element measured in XY
Focal spot size selected determines Amount of focal-spot or geometric blur produced in image
Milliampere-second formula mA×s=mAs
Each of the three is included in a good QA program Beam alignment, reproducibility, linearity
Milliampere-seconds value regulates the number of x-ray photons produced at target and thus? Regulates patient dose
As kilovoltage is increased A greater number of electrons are driven across to the anode with greater force.
Absorption When x-ray photon interacts with matter and disappears as in the photoelectric effect
Electromagnetic radiation Described as wave-like fluctuatiins of electric and magnetic fields
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