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Roosevelt PS1

Review of terms and problems from 2nd Semester

An object speeding up would have what type of acceleration, positive or negative? Positive
The tendency of an object to resist change in motion is known as Newton's 1st Law
Force can be described as a _____________ or _________________. push or pull
An object in motion tends to stay in motion Newton's 1st Law
The label Newton can also be represented as kg*m/s2
What acceleration is produced when a force of 80 N is applied to a mass of 4 kg? 20 m/s2
Momentum is equal to _______________ x _________________ mass x velocity
A whale has a mass of 150,000 kg and a top swimming speed of 25 m/s. What is its momentum? 3,750,000 kg m/s
A man has a mass of 70 kg. What is his weight? 686 N
Friction is a force that _________________ motion. opposes
This is the force of friction that must be overcome to start two objects moving against one another. static friction
Three types of kinetic friction: sliding, rolling, fluid
List the three types of kinetic friction in order of decreasing magnitude: sliding, rolling, fluid
When moving a box, which friction is generally higher: Static or Kinetic (sliding)? Static
If the mass stays the same but the velocity is doubled what will happen to the momentum of an object? It will double
A baseball hit with a force of 65N has a mass of 0.5 kg. What is its acceleration? 130 m/s2
Kinetic energy is the energy of _________________. motion
Potential energy depends on _______________ and _________________. weight and height
Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy is neither ________________ nor ____________________. created, destroyed
What type of energy does a boulder sitting at the top of a hill have? gravitational potential energy
What type of energy does a boulder rolling down a hill have? kinetic energy
At the highest point of its swing the pendulum has _______________ potential energy. maximum or 100%
At the lowest point of its swing the pendulum has _________________ kinetic energy. maximum or 100%
What is the kinetic energy of a 0.4 kg ball thrown at a speed of 20 m/s? 80 J
An object has a kinetic energy of 600J and a speed of 10 m/s. What is its mass? 6 kg
If I increase the velocity of a car the car's momentum ... increases
This equation describes Newton's Second Law F=m*a
Weight equals _________________ x __________________ and is measured in ________________________. mass, gravity newtons
A person in a car keeps moving after the brakes are applied to the car is an example of Newton's ____________ Law of Motion. First
When the pull of gravity is equal to the push of air resistance the object has reached terminal velocity
How could a fighter jet and a 747 jet have the same momentum? The fighter jet has a faster velocity than the 747.
The type of energy in food Chemical potential energy
The type of energy in a spring Elastic potential energy
Mass in motion momentum
The total amount of kinetic and potential energy in a system mechanical energy
Friction converts some of a systems mechanical energy into thermal energy
Energy is the ability to cause change
Inertia in motion momentum
This type of energy is based on an object position on Earth gravitation potential energy
This type of energy is contained in moving objects kinetic
Fuels store energy in the form of ___________________ chemical bonds or chemical energy
The initial hill on the tallest roller coaster is 139 m. If the riders and carts have a mass of 1000 kg, what is the Gravitational Potential Energy at the top of the initial hill? 1,362,200 J
The Law of Conservation of Energy says... Energy is neither created nor destroyed
The energy stored in a waterfall Mechanical (kinetic)
A windmill converts ________________energy into __________________ energy. mechanical, eletrical
A waterfall converts ______________ energy into ________________ energy. mechanical, electrical
A battery converts _____________ energy into ___________ energy. chemical, electrical
The sun converts _______________ energy into _______________ energy. nuclear, light or heat
Eating a meal before running a race converts ___________ energy into ________________ energy. chemical, mechanical
A nuclear powered aircraft carrier moving through the water is an an example of converting ________________ energy into _________________ energy. nuclear, mechanical
The battery in your cell phone is an example of converting _____________ energy into ______________________ energy. chemical, electrical
A windmill converts_____________________ energy into _________________ energy. mechanical, electrical
A coal power plant converts ___________________ energy into _______________ energy. chemical, electrical
In order to blow dry your hair you must convert ________________ energy into _________________ energy. electrical, thermal (or mechanical)
A natural gas or propane furnace converts _________________ energy into __________________ energy. chemical, thermal
Created by: JKSW2014