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Image acq. & eval

ARRT review

As matrix size increases, what 2 things happen? pixel size decreases, resolution increases (Saia, 232)
As KvP increases, scatter ______. increases (Saia, 234)
As KvP increases, radiographic contrast_______. decreases (Saia, 234)
As KvP increases, exposure rate ______. increases (Saia, 234)
X-ray photon energy is ______ related to wavelength. inversely (Saia, 236)
An increase in ____ serves to increase the number of photons produces at the target. Ma (Saia, 236)
What is 2 dimensional, travels in the xy plane, and is a picture element? Pixel (Saia, 240)
What is 3 dimensional, travels in the 2 plane, and is the depth of a pixel? voxel (Saia, 241)
As FOV increases, pixel size ______. increases (Saia, 242)
As FOV increases, the part being examines is ______. magnified (Saia,242)
Low contrast, _____ scale. long (Saia, 243)
High contrast, _____ scale. short (saia, 243)
Osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and degenerative arthritis require a _______ in exposure factor decrease (Saia 245)
Pneumoperitoneum, emphysema, necrotic, and atrophic conditions require a _______ in exposure factor decrease (Saia 245)
Osteosclerosis, ascites, Atelectasis, edematous tissue and congestive heart failure require a _______ in exposure factor increase (Saia 245)
Rheumatoid arthritis, pleural effusion, paget disease, and pneumonia require a _______ in exposure factor increase (Saia 245)
As KvP increases, the wave length gets ____. shorter (Saia 247)
As KvP increases, patient absorption ____. decreases (Saia 247)
_____ illustrates pixel value distribution that is representative of a grayscale, and there are different ones for each body part. histogram (Saia 247)
Histograms can be affected by? (8) algorithm, scatter, SID, SOD, OID, collimation, positioning, centering (Saia 247)
The quantity of photons produced at the focal spot is a result of Ma, so an increase in focal spot size will ______ exposure rate increase (Saia 248)
Diagnostic x-rays are _____ frequency and ______ wavelength. high, short (Saia 248)
On lateral chest, outer photocells are selected, the film will be ______ and _____ density because the x-ray will be terminated almost immediately. underexposure, decreased (saia 249)
Scatter radiation produces ____ on a film & _____ contrast, makes it have a _____ scale. fog, decreases, longer(Saia 249)
As DEL increases, __________ increases spatial resolution (saia 256)
As DEL decreases, ____________ Spatial resolution decreases (saia 256)
An increase in KVP will produce a ____ scale of contrast. longer (saia 256)
A decrease in KVP will produce a _____ scale of contrast. shorter (saia 256)
Magnification in fluoro is accomplished by moving the II focal point _____ from the output phosphor further (Saia 257)
Magnification in fluoro is accomplished by selecting a ____ part of the ____ phosphor smaller, input (saia 257)
Processing algorithm represents the ______ and ______. anatomical part and projection (Saia 258)
A decrease in KV will result in a _____ of optical density. decrease (saia 260)
To make a noticeable change in density, increase mAs by ____ %. 30 (saia 269)
As grid ratio is decreased, the scale of contrast gets ______. longer (saia 269)
As grid radio is increased, the scale of contrast gets ______. shorter (saia 269
To compensate for every 1 inch of OID, an increase of ____ inch of SID is required. 7 (Saia 269)
Using high Kvp ______ exposure latitude. increases (saia 271)
As Kvp increases, it produces _____ scale contrast. longer (saia 271)
As window level increases, _____ increases. brightness (Saia 273)
Window level is associated with image ______. brightness (saia 273)
Window width is associated with image _____. contrast (saia 273)
High KVP= _____ energy = ____ contrast= ____ scale high, low contrast, longer scale (Wallace 83)
Low KVP= ______ energy = _____ contrast= _____ scale low, high contrast, short scale (Wallace 83)
High contrast = _____ scale contrast short (Wallace 76)
low contrast = _____ scale contrast long (Wallace 76)
Scattered radiation _____ contrast lowers (Wallace 84)
High Kvp= _____ scatter= _____ contrast image more, low (Wallace 85)
Low Kvp= ____ scatter = ____ contrast image less, high (Wallace 85)
Use of a grid _____ contrast. increases (Wallace 102)
A small focal spot ______ recorded detail. increases (Wallace 134)
Air gap _____ contrast & _____ density. increases contrast, decreases density (Wallace 123)
Use of filtration ______ density and contras. decreases (Wallace 120)
SID and density are _____ proportional. inversely (Wallace 176)
OID and density are ____ proportional. inversely (Wallace 176)
A grid with a higher ratio has more lead, and ____ density. decrease(Wallace 176)
A large collimation field size produces ____ scatter and ____ density. more, more (Wallace 176)
A high screen speed _____ density. increases (Wallace 176)
Developer temperature and density are _____ proportional. directly (Wallace 176)
SID _____ contrast. doesn't affect(Wallace 178)
OID and contrast are _____ proportional. directly (Wallace 178)
Focal spot ______ contrast. doesn't affect (Wallace 178)
Increase in collimation size, _____ contrast. decreases (Wallace 178)
When going from a 14x17 to a 4x4, there is ____ scatter and _____ contrast. less, higher(more) (saia 264)
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