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What was the material cause of thing? That was out of which a thing was made A chair is made of wood, wood is the cause
What did Plato theorize about the world? there were four causes in everything. Once you knew the causes, you could understand the oject.
What was the efficient cause of a thing? By whom or what a thing is made a chair is made by a worker, the worker is the cause
What is the found cause of a thing? the "blueprint" from which a thing is made the plans for the chair are from what the chair was made, the plans were a cause
What is the final cause of a thing? For what a thing is made A chair is made you sitting it, this is the cause
Which cause did Aristotle find the most important? the final cause
Why did Aristotle find the final cause the most important? because by knowing the reason a thing is made, you can understand it fully and figure out the other causes
What was Aritotle's method of working backwards to understand an object called? Teleological method
What is the natural law? everything is created for a particular purpose by a particular design. By fulfilling its purpose it is good. All things are working to become good. for a chair to be good, it must be able to be sat in
What did Aristotle find was the greatest good for man? reason
Why was reason the most important? by reason you learned the true purpose of yourself and objects around you
What was the highest end for all people? eudamonia
What is eudamonia? roughly happinness, being virtous, fulfilling your purpose completely, inner peace
How would a virtous man know if he is being virtous? he will feel eudamonia if he is doing upright things and will feel terrible if he does worng thing
What was the major thing Aritotle disagreed about with Plato? the theory of forms
What are the two things necessary to have a happy life? 1) lead a good life 2) have a good life
How does one lead a good life? by being honest, just, temperate, witty, and compassionate
How does one live a good life? by having good looks, wealth, mighty connections
Who could not hae a happy life? women, poor, ugly, dull, slaves, or immoral people
What was the Golden Mean or the Doctrine of Means? A theory of Aritstotle's that stated all things must be in balance, not to much nor too little, in order for one to have a happt life Too much courage makes you risky, to little makes you cowardly
Did Aritstotle believe that virtue was realtive? yes, each person had to work on different vices in order to be virtous
According to Aristotle, how did one become virtous? by habits begun in childhood and practice
Could habits be changed? not once one reaches adulthood, by then habits are set in for life
When did Aristotle live? 384 BC to 322 BC
Created by: jriley20
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