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PSY CH5 Post Test

PSY CH5 Post Test CourseMate

An altered state of consciousness is ________. a. a change in the quality of mental activity b. a change in the pattern of mental activity c. the result of distinction shifts in perception and memory d. All answers are correct. d. All answers are correct.
Kay's sleep was often disturbed;nurses checking vital signs in ICU. for a few days & she became confused/disoriented due to___.a.decreased pain sensitivity b.sleep-deprivation psychosis c.increased ability to name common objects d.All answers are correct. b. sleep-deprivation psychosis
The elderly need ________ younger adults. a. less sleep than b. more sleep than c. the same amount of sleep as d. shortened cycles of sleep as a. less sleep than
Which stage of sleep is associated with the "state of oblivion" characterized by almost pure delta brain waves? a. first b. second c. third d. fourth d. fourth
After years of seeking medical treatment, Mark continued to wake up with the impression that an alien was sitting on his chest. What type of hallucination is being described? a. stage 1 b. choleric c. stage 3 d. hypnopompic d. hypnopompic
Prescription sedatives tend to reduce the quality of sleep because they ________. a. create paradoxical sleep b. suppress peripheral neurological activity c. decrease stage 4 and REM sleep d. eliminate stage 2 sleep c. decrease stage 4 and REM sleep
A slow transition to wakefulness that is sometimes associated with aggressive behavior is known as ________. a. sleep drunkenness b. periodic limb movement c. restless legs syndrome d. hypersomnia a. sleep drunkenness
During ________, a person suffers panic and may hallucinate frightening dream images in the bedroom. a. sleepwalking b. sleeptalking c. night terrors d. paradoxical sleep c. night terrors
Which of the following are danger signals for sudden infant death syndrome? a. The mother is more than 20 years old. b. The baby is premature. c. The baby mainly breathes through the nose. d. All answers are correct. b. The baby is premature.
According to the research of William Dement, prevention of REM sleep due to sleep deprivation results in ________ when undisturbed sleep is allowed. a. decreased dreaming b. wish fulfillment c. REM rebound d. hypnosis c. REM rebound
The state theory of hypnosis argues that hypnosis causes a "split" in awareness known as a ________ state. a. metaphorical b. dissociative c. dream d. wave b. dissociative
Although hypnotists may use several different methods, all techniques encourage people to ________. a. focus attention on what is being said b. relax and feel "tired" c. use vivid imagination d. All answers are correct. d. All answers are correct.
________ is a mental exercise used to alter consciousness. a. Meditation b. Intoxication c. Hypnosis d. None of the answers are correct. a. Meditation
Which type of meditation is "open" or "expansive?" a. concentrative b. mindfulness c. autosuggestive d. None of the answers are correct. b. mindfulness
Mild sensory deprivation has been useful in reducing which of the following behaviors? a. drug abuse b. sexual inhibitions c. lying d. violent tendencies a, drug abuse
Over time, it takes larger doses of addictive drugs to get the desired effect. This is known as ________. a. tolerance b. addiction c. physical dependence d. withdrawal a. tolerance
Bill's came home from a party @2am & spent an hour cleaning house. His speech was rapid & he was full of energy. Next day depressed, aggressive, & irritable. Likely Bill took an "upper" such as ________. a. LSD b. marijuana c. barbiturates d. amphetamines d. amphetamines
Which of the following symptoms is associated with caffeine dependence? a. increased appetite b. improved sleep c. decreased body temperature d. racing heart d. racing heart
Evidence suggests that the best way to quit smoking is to taper off using ________. a. cold turkey b. caffeine c. alcohol d. scheduled gradual reduction d. scheduled gradual reduction
Which of the following are signs of alcohol abuse? a. Engaging in unplanned sex. b. Driving under the influence. c. Having problems sleeping. d. All answers are correct. d. All answers are correct.
During a ________ dream, a person feels as if she is fully awake within the dream and capable of normal thought and action. a. vibrant b. realistic c. drunken d. lucid d. lucid
Created by: jeni25
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