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PSY CH5 PreTest

PSY CH5 PreTest Coursemate

To be conscious means to be ________. aware
As the professor droned on lecturing for 45 minutes, Susan's brain shifted to a pattern which is normally observed during sleep. This example illustrates the concept of ________. a. beta waves b. microsleep c. rho waves d. gamma waves b. microsleep
Which of the following statements about REM sleep is false? a. Dreaming occurs during REM. b. REM sleep is marked by slow, relaxed breathing. c. EEG patterns look like the person is awake. d. Frequent facial and eye movements occur. b. REM sleep is marked by slow, relaxed breathing.
Which of the following animals do not show signs of REM sleep? a. cats b. dogs c. alligators c. alligators;reptiles do not demonstrate REM sleep.
Narcolepsy refers to ________. sudden sleep attacks
After Thanksgiving, Nick ate a large turkey sandwich from the leftovers which increased the amount of ________ in his brain. This amino acid is associated with increased relaxation and sleepiness. tryptophan
Which of the following comments about the relationship between exercise and sleep is true? It is best if it is done six hours before bedtime.
Max's wife told him that his sleep was often disturbed by snoring, short silences, and gasps. This disorder is called ________. sleep apnea
Which theory of dreaming emphasizes the influence of internal conflicts and unconscious forces? psychodynamic theory
Hypnosis is characterized by ________. narrowed attention
What percentage of people can be hypnotized? 80%
Gina found that she lost all sense of self-consciousness when she "took a mental walk" through her childhood home. This effort to embrace the total awareness of the world is associated with what type of meditation? mindfulness
Dennis sat quietly reciting "om" as his mantra to help focus his attention. He is most likely using what type of meditation? concentrative
When stimulation is greatly reduced, people often experience symptoms such as ________.a. bizarre sensations b. lapses in attention c. wildly distorted perceptions d. All answers are correct All answers are correct
Physical cravings for a drug and unpleasant reactions when the drug is withheld are signs of ________. physical addiction
Tonya and her boyfriend took a drug that made them feel powerful with seemingly boundless energy. This drug was probably _______ cocaine
Doctors prescribe ________, such as valium, to alleviate stress and anxiety. tranquilizers
Treatment for alcohol dependency begins with ________, which refers to sobering the person up and taking away the supply. detoxification
Which of the following is classified as a hallucinogen? PCP
According to Freud, which dream process is characterized by a redirection of important emotions toward safe or seemingly unimportant images? displacement
During our lifetimes, each of us will spend about ________ asleep. 50 hours
Created by: jeni25
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