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PSY CH2 Test 48/50

Which of the following is NOT a part of a neuron?synapse,axon, axon terminal or soma synapse
Ions can be found both inside & outside the nerve cell.
The fact that the inside of human neurons measures about -70 millivolts compared to the outside of the cell allows each neuron to act like a tiny battery
Neurons "talk" to each other chemically when the ____ are released. neurotransmitters
Too little of this can cause the shaking & muscle tremors of Parkinson's disease, while too much of this neurotransmitter can cause schizophrenia. dopamine
Endorphins are released from the ____ gland. pituitary
A single neuron within a(n) ____ "listens" to the neurons that synapse with it & combines that input into an output. neural network
The term ____ refers to the capacity of our brains to change in response to experience. plasticity
Neurons are tiny cells that cannot be seen without a microscope.
Myelin covers which part(s) of the neuron? axon
The small gaps in the myelin covering of a nerve act to increase the speed of transmission of nerve impulses.
Regrowth of a damaged nerve cell is most likely when an accidentally severed toe is sewn back on.
Horror movies & science fiction stories are often based on the premise that one person's brain has been surgically removed & implanted in the body of another person. This would actually be impossible because severe damage to neurons in the CNS is usually considered permanent.
The somatic system governs ____, while the autonomic system is ____. activity, such as muscle movement; self-governing
Your instructor announces a "pop" test. You have not read the chapter yet. Your heart & breathing rate increases, & your mouth becomes dry. Which nervous system was responsible for this reaction? sympathetic
Muscle fibers can contract because they are made up of effector cells.
Which statements is/are TRUE? PET scans & functional MRIs provide images of activity throughout the brain. Experimentally, fMRI images have been used to tell if a person is lying.EEGs measure the waves of activity produced near the surface of the brain. All of these statements are true.
Humans are superior to all other animals in intelligence
Dan had a right hemisphere stroke. In rehab family & Dr noticed he placed things on right side of bed & didn't notice things placed on left side until shown. Ate food on right side of plate before he noticed food on the left side. Dan was exhibiting spatial neglect
____ occurs when an artery carrying blood to the brain becomes blocked, causing some brain tissue to die. A stroke
In most people, the right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of art
A patient who has suffered brain damage to the left hemisphere is likely to experience diminished capacity for naming objects
LaMonte excels in algebra, solving each problem one step at a time. Brittany can easily visualize three-dimensional geometry problems. LaMonte's preferred activity is centered in the left hemisphere, Brittany's in the right
The motor cortex is one brain area that contains ____, which become active when we perform an action & when we merely observe someone else carrying out the same action. mirror neurons
The association areas of the cerebral cortex are directly related to such functions as thinking, language, & memory & include Broca's & Wernicke's areas
A person who says "bife" for bike & "seep" for sleep probably suffers from Broca's aphasia
The greater the sensitivity of a part of the body, the larger the area of primary somatosensory cortex associated with it
Being able to read Braille or to play the guitar with your h&s & fingers are two skills that one is able to do because more of the ____ & ____ are devoted to these body parts. primary somatosensory cortex; primary motor cortex
Which of the following changes would you expect to occur in someone whose TEMPORAL LOBES were damaged in an accident? reduced capacity to hear sounds
Visual agnosia is the inability to identify visually-presented objects
Mary & John are listening to a speech pathologist pronounce words. Research shows that listening to these words will occur in ____ of the brain for Mary & ____ of the brain for John. both sides; the left side
In which of the following pairs are both structures part of the forebrain? cerebrum, thalamus
You begin to doze off in class but suddenly come to awareness when your name is called. The brain formation responsible for reticular activating system (RAS)
After stroke, Sam had trouble hearing, visual problems, & some numbness in parts of his body. He can smell food cooking & anticipatesthe flavor of his favorite foods, but, the food often does not have any taste. Which part of his brain is malfunctioning? thalamus
The ____ is basically a "crossroads" that connects many areas of the brain & is the last place where many behaviors are organized or "decided on" before messages leave the brain, causing the body to react. hypothalamus
A medical student destroys part of a rat's brain so that it later develops a tremendous appetite & continues to eat long after it has acquired ample nutrition. What part of the brain has been damaged? hypothalamus
During evolution, the ____ was the earliest layer of the forebrain to develop & helps organize basic survival responses in lower animals, such as feeding, fleeing, fighting, & reproduction. limbic system
In lower animals, the ____ helps organize basic survival responses, such as feeding, fleeing, fighting, & reproduction. limbic system
A researcher places an electrode in a cat's limbic system. The cat suddenly jumps up, runs to the corner, & prepares to attack. What part of the limbic system was stimulated? amygdala
German researchers have developed a brain-computer interface that translates patient's ____ into comm&s that can be used to control a computer. EEG recordings
Arnold received too much growth hormone during puberty (late in the growth cycle). His h&s, feet, & face show an overgrowth. He has the condition known as acromegaly
Regarding the endocrine system, which of the following statements about the hypothalamus is FALSE? It is the master of the pituitary gland.
Darlene experienced an increase in blood pressure, lost weight, extremely tense & irritable. Dr found that 1 endocrine glands was producing too much of hormone. Darlene most likely has an overactive thyroid gland
____, which is associated with fear, tends to arouse the body, while ____ also tends to arouse the body, but is linked with anger. Epinephrine; norepinephrine
One of the principal &rogens, or "male" hormones, is testosterone, which is supplied in small amounts by the adrenal glands
The side effects of anabolic steroids include breast enlargement in men
"Lefties" have often been characterized as ____, while "righties" are more likely to be referred to as ____. clumsy, awkward, unlucky, or insincere; coordinated, skillful, & just
Among humans, about ____ percent are left-h&ed. 10
A combination of preference for using h&, foot, eye,& ear is referred to as sidedness
People who are left-h&ed have their strongest advantage in which of the following sports? boxing
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