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GI System

Test 5

Antacid Systemic Drug Baking Soda
Antacid Systemic Action Soluable in gastric & intestinal secretions & readily absorbs; capable of altering electrolyte balance producing systemic alkalosis & rebound hyperacidity
Nonsystemic Antacids Drugs (3) Maalox, MOM, Mylanta
Nonsystemic Antacids Action Soluable in gastric & intestinal secretions & readily absorbs; capable of altering electrolyte balance producing systemic alkalosis & rebound hyperacidity;neutralizes acidity
Nonsystemic Antacid S/E (2) diarrhea & constipation
Nonsystemic Antacid NI (5) Dont use all the time; block absorption of drugs; dont take drugs w/in 2hrs before/after antacids-no salt added; shake well take w/h20; chew tablet &take w/h20
H2 Receptor Inhibitor Drugs (3) Tagament, Zantac, Axid
H2 Receptor Inhibitor Action Inhibit action of histamine at H2 receptor cells in stomach, which reduces secretion of gastric acid
H2 Receptor Inhibitor S/E (5) headache, confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, diarrhea
Drugs that Protect Muscosa (2) Carafate & Cytotec
Cytotec Action Inhibits production of gastric acid & has muscosal protective propertities
Cytotec Use Prevents gastric ulcers in pts taking NSAIDS
Carafate Action When swallowed, drug binds w/protein molecules to form a viscous(thick & sticky) substance that buffers acid, that protects muscosa doesnt stop gastric secretions
Carafate NI 30min-1hr before meals on empty stomach; fruit,fiber,fluids
Gastric Acid Pump Inhibitor Drug Prilosec
Gastric Acid Pump Inhibitor Action Surpress gastric acid secretion by block final step in production of gastric acid by gastric muscosa
Antiflatulants Drug Mylicon
Antiflatulant Action Defoaming action that disperses & prevents formation of muscous surrounding gas pockets in intestines (gas)
Drugs that increase GI tone & motility Drug Reglan
Drugs that increase GI tone & motility Action (3) Increase motility of GI tracts; increase production of secretions; increase strengths of contractions resulting in faster emptying time of gastric contents into small intestine
Antiemetic Drug Zofran
Antiemetic Action Act on vomiting center
Antiemetic Uses (2) Prevent N/V related to use of anticancer drugs; post-op N/V-major use
Antiemetic S/E (5) Headache; fatigue; drowsiness; constipation; sedation
Drug used in Poisoning Syrup of Ipecac
Drug used in Poisoning Action Caused by location irritation of stomach & by stimulation of vomiting center of medulla
Drug used in Poisoning (2) Empty stomach contents rapidly when ingesting poisons or drug overdose; shouldnt be used in pt swallowed a corrosive acid or petroleum product
Drugs that act on Intestine - Laxative/Irritant/Stimulant Drug Dulcolax
Drugs that act on Intestine - Laxative/Irritant/Stimulant Action (2) Act directly on intestine causing irritation that promotes peristalsis & evacuation; PO form & suppository all found in fridge - will start to melt at room temp - pt needs to be on left side & used water jelly
Bulk-forming Drug Metamucil
Bulk-forming Action Cause water to be retained w/in stole, increase bulk that stimulates peristalsis
Bulk-forming Use Laxative act in 12-24 hours, but may take up to 72 hrs
Bulk-forming NI Measure according to Dr order, take large glass of water or juice & bulk go to pt w/spoon & ask if ready to take, put in water, & drink right away. stir enough to mix then more h20, cant let sit b/c it becomes thick
Fecal Softener Drug Colace
Fecal Softener Action (3) Draw h20 into stole causing it to soften may take up to 72 hours to work; slow acting; take on daily basis
Lubricant/Emollient Drug Agoral(Mineral Oil)
Lubricant/Emollient Action (3) Lubricates intestinal wall & softens stole; if used frequently it will inhibit absorption of fat soluable vitamins A,D,E,K; mineral oil coats
Antidiarrheal Drugs (3) Immodium, Kaopectate, Lomotil
Antidiarrheal Actions acts directly on muscle wall of bowel to slow motility; Lomotil - also related to opiods dependence
Antidiarrheal Use Relieve acute diarrhea
Saline Drugs (2) MOM & Citrate of Magnesia
Saline Action (2) Hypertonic compounds attract/pull h20 into intestine from surrounding tissue; increased h20 distends bowel, causing peristalsis - work in 1-3 hrs
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