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Geography 9wks test

Local form of a language used in a particular place or by a certain group dialect
person who must leave his or her home and flee somewhere else refugee
artistic style portraying everyday life realism
social and political movement developed by marx an lenin favored the rev. to est. a classless society in which workers control indutrial production communism
group of related languages that have all developed from one earlier language language family
independent community of a city and surrounding lands city-state
nation in which the gov. assumes responsibility for peoples welfare welfare- state
the power struggle between the soviet union and the united states cold war
artistic style that developed in europe in 1800s that tried to show the natural appearance of objects with dabs or stokes of color impressionism
series of religous wars in which european christians tried to retake palestine from muslim rule crusades
religious movement that began in germany in the 1400s, leading to the est. of protestant churches reformation
system of gov. in which powerful lords gave land to nobles in return for pledges of loyalty feudilism
mass killings of 6 million european jews by germanys nazi leaders during world war2 holocaust
artistic style emphasizing individual emotions that developed in europe as a reaction of industrialization romanticism
having elements that come from more than one culture multicultural
300 year period of renewed intrest in classical learning and the arts renaissance
water formed by melting snow ice meltwater
household goods, shoes, and clothing that individuals buy consumer goods
a tax on imports or exports tariff
precipitation carrying large amounts of dissolved acids, especially sulfuric acid and nitric acid, damages building ect.. acid rain
manufacture of machinery and equipment needed for factories or mines heavy industry
raising several kinds of crops and livestock on the same farm mixed farming
manufacturing aimed at making consumer goods rather tha heavy machinery such as textiles or food processing light industry
organization in which farmers share in growing and selling farm products farm cooperative
wet or dry airborne acids that fall on the earth acid desposition
the uses of natural substances to enrich the soil and grow crops rather than chemical fertilizers and pesticides organic farming
person actively concerned with the equality and protection of the enviroment enviromentalist
state owned farm managed by gov. officials state farm
studies plants and animal life bioligist
a large state owned farm on which farmers recieved wages plus a share of products and profits collective farms
the official religion of the roman empire was christianity
the etruscans built an empire based on? trade
east and west germany were united in 1941
conflict in northern ireland has been brought about by bitterness between protestant and catholics
switzerland offical languages are german, french, italian
european union was formed in 1958 an economic unit that formed a single market for its 6 member nation
french revolution of 1789 est. a republic in france
muslims contributed to the culture of europe by expanding the use of mathematics, medicine , astronomy
roman catholic church influenced western europe by introducing roman gov. and justice to the germanic people there
the reformation had the effect of diminishing the power of the roman catholic church
the industrial revolution brought about the growth of a prosperous middle class
the move toward communism was fueld by poor social conditions
the english parliament passed a bill of rights that was designed to limit the power of the monarch
most northern europeans speak germanic languages
most europes christians are roman catholic
what countrys would you find the flemings and nnj765hbv ` ```belgium
english dutch, norwegian and swedish are all examples of which language family germanic languages
bastille day is celebrated in france
the peninsula that form italy apennine peninsula`
spains dry central plain meseta
drained areas in the netherlands, once covered by the sea polder
lang, narrow inlets formed by glaciers during the ice age fjords
soil that if often permanently frozen below the surface permafrost
strong northerly wind from the alps mistral
kind of vegetables matter found in western europe burned as fuel in homes peat
hot winds from the deserts of libya that blow towards mediterranean coast siroccos
dry winds that blow down the mountains sometimes causing avalanches foen
ocean current that warms northern europe. keeps norways harbor ice free north atlantic drift
shrubs or short trees formed by hot , dry mediterranean summers chaparral
large landmass that include europe and asia eurasia
a mass of ice, snow, and rock sliding down a mountain side avalanche
northern peninsula that makes up most of denmark jutland peninsula
area in europe that has a lot of oil and gas exploration northsea
countries that make up the scandinavian peninsula Sweden, norway
countries that make up the iberian peninsula spain, portugal
country makes up most of the balkan peninsula Greece
Rivers in Europe po, rhine, thames, elbe, danube, seine
mountain ranges in europe alps, appenines, balkans, carpatheins
what country is known as the emerald isle ireland
where is the black forest? germany
what is the name of the part of the U.k that is on the same island as ireland northern ireland
another province of the u.k. wells, scotland
this island nation in europe is known for its hot springs, thermal activity, and geysers iceland
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