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GEO Unit 9:Africa

Africa info

2x size of California; 1/7 Africa's population Nigeria
won independence from France in 1962 Algeria
Qaddafi led this nation until a 2011 revolution Libya
white minority had control and most of wealth until 1990s equality movement South Africa
Masai and Kikuyu battle here Kenya
key desert in Africa Sahara
valuable cash crop in parts of Africa peanuts
open air street market in parts of Africa Bazaar
world's longest river Nile River
"pulling together" in Swahili harambee
leader of equality movement in South Africa Nelson Mandela
leader of Egypt who used Soviet Union to modernize Abdel Nasser
flat grassland of a tropical weathered region savanna
2 key cities of Egypt Cairo and Alexandria
overharvested and over-grazed land resulting in the loss of land and trees deforestation
sudden political and military takeover coup
UN and others battled for control; Mobutu gained power DR Congo
set of guidelines that are supposed to make your economy work better structural adjustment program
Massive droughts and floods hurt this nation in 2000-2001 Mozambique
Islamic groups are battling Ethiopian groups for power Somalia
world leader in fight against AIDS Uganda
South African battle between Afrikaners and British Boer War
large group of merchants who travel together for safety caravan
departure of trainted and educated white officials white flight
giving land from rich to poor land redistribution
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