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Reid Canada

Reid Canada Unit Test

What continent is Canada the Northern part of? North America
How many provinces and territories does Canada have? thirteen (13)
Which province in Canada is mostly French? Quebec
Which Territory was given back to the indigenous Inuit people? Nunavut
Which two countries were in conflict over land in Canada? France and England
Which large mountain range in Western Canada is also in the Western United States? Rocky Mountains
Why is Canada's culture called a Mosaic? The separate cultures preserved their own traditions and language.
What water route did Canada and the U.S. build together as partners? St. Lawrence Seaway
What trade agreement between Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. was signed to encourage trade without tariffs and economic growth for all three countries? NAFTA
Which European group first discovered North America? Vikings
What physical region in Canada is a horseshoe shape and is full of ancient rock and minerals? Canadian Shield
How were the paths to independence different for the U.S. and Canada? The U.S. fought a war, while Canada went through many political steps.
What type of government does Canada have? Parliamentary Democracy
What titles are given to the two leaders of Canada's Executive Branch? Prime Minister and the Governor General
What is one reason the people of Quebec want to be an independent nation? the French people in Quebec want to preserve the French culture
What is the legislative or law-making branch of Canada's Federal government? Parliament
What is one of the greatest differences between the three branches of government for the U.S. and Canada? The three branches do not have equal power in Canada.
What is the national capital of Canada? Ottawa
What are the indigenous people of the Arctic Region called? Inuits
Canada is a _______nation because it has two official languages. bilingual
Which historical event in the United States MOST helped build our economy? the Industrial Revolution
Which war was caused by the Southern states SECEDING, or withdrawing from the Union of the United States of America? the Civil War
What did the British North American Act make Canada? a self-governing dominion
Which group of French settlers refused to sign allegiance to the King of England when their home land in Canada was given to England at the end of the French and Indian War? Acadians
Why is it important for U.S. students to study Canada? Canada is our neighbor to the North and we share resources.
Created by: marydykstra



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