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Laws Part 1

Introduction to Laws

Civil Law governs the relationship between individuals within society
Criminal Law governs the relationhip of the individual to a society as a whole
Defendant The person or group against whom charges are brought in court action
Deposition an oral testimony taken by a court reporter at a location outside the courtroom
Jurisdiction the power, right, and authority given to a court to hear a case and make a judgment
Plaintiff the person who files a lawsuit initiating a civil legal action
Statute of limitations the law that limits the period during which a person can sue
Subpoena a court order that requires an individual to appear as a witness in court or to make himself or herself available to be deposed
law a rule or regulation established by a governing body
Ethics study of values or principles governing personal relationships
Standards guidelines for practice established by professional organizations
Legislative Creates laws
Executive enforces laws
Judicial interprets laws
Misdemeanors punishable by fines and/or imprisonment up to one year, usually in ciry or county jail
Felonies serious crimes punishable by larger fines and/or imprisonment for more than one year in a state penitentiary
Treason most serious type, consist of attempts to overthrow the government of the country
Tort Law allowed for persons who has suffered from harm from wrongful acts of another to seek remedy
Tort a private wrong against another person or their property
negligence not doing something that a reasonable person would do in a given situation, or doing something that a reasonable person would not do in a similar situation
Malpratice a negligence that occurs withing a profession
Contract law involves agreements that create obligations between several parties
Adminstrative Law consists of rules and regulations established by agencies of the federal government
crime violation of the law
criminal individual in violation of the law
Accessory an individual who helps someone commit a crime
fraud dishonest and deceitful practices undertaken to induce someone to part with something of calue or legal right
libel degamatory writing
slander spoken words that jeopardize someone's reputation
abuse the improper use of equipment,substance or service
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