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Chapter 11

History and Cultures of Europe

In the system know as __________, nobles provided service to a king in exchange for land. feudalism
The head of the Catholic Church is called the __________. pope
The __________ world refers to ancient Greece and Rome. classical
In a(n) __________ the government is the main provider of support for the sick, needy, and retired. welfare state
Because Europe has a low __________, it is expected to have 10 percent fewer people by 2050. fertility rate
The prosperous Greek city-states of Athens introduced the world's first __________. democracy
The __________ resulted in the rise of a new form of Christianity called Protestantism. Reformation
Europe's population shifts may pose challenges because... there will be fewer workers to keep Europe's economy growing.
Which of the following most clearly explains how European lifestyles reflect the region's level of wealth? Europeans are able to enjoy their leisure time.
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