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Chapter 1

History of pharmacy

Dosage Form The makeup of a particular type of drug; the form in which it is given
Formualary a document that specifies paricular drug forms and compostitions
pharmaceutical care care provieded to a patient by the pharmacy, which encompasses all aspects of drug therapy from dispensing to drug monitoring
pharmacy shop the first stand-alone pharmacies
Hipprocates father of medicine
pharmacopei makers of remedies
pharmacotritae drug grinders
unguentarii makers of ointments
pigmentarii makers of cosmetics
pharmacoplae sellers of drugs
pharmacoplae circumforaneae itineratnt vendors of drugs
sellulari sellers of drugs who kept shops or stalls
aromatarii dealers in spices
William Proctor father of american pharmacy
Bagdad first pharmacy shop
Dioscorides father of pharmacology
Benjamin Franklin started first hospital in 1751
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II issued an edict regulating medicine
Mithridates father of toxicology
Theophrastus father of botany
Pen T'sao native herbal treatise recording 365 drugs
Ebers Papyrus contained more than 800 remedies
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