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Heat Vocab.

10 words from the Heat text for DDES

off the books not existing in official eyes
pitch to throw usually with a particular object towards a particular point
birth certificate an official record of a person's birth (including the person's name, birth of date and place, and person's parent).
baseball a game played on a large field by two teams of nine players who try to score runs by hitting a small ball with a bat and then running to each of the four bases
stadium a very large, usually roofless building that has a large open area surrounded by many rows of seats and that is used for sport events, concerts, etc.
inning one of the usually nine parts of a game in which each team bats until three outs
fastball a pitch that is thrown at full speed; a very fast pitch
World Series an annual championship of the major leagues in baseball in the United States
scalp to buy tickets at an event and sell them for a much higher price.
All-Stars including mostly or only performers who are skillful are famous
Created by: 15ssudharshan1