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Geo. 14 & 15 vocab.

Cherenozem Rich black topsoil found in the northern European plain, especially in Russia and Ukrain
Kums Sandy deserts in the Turan Lowland, as in Kara Kum
Permafrost permanently frozen layer of soil beneath the surface of the ground.
Tundra vast treeless plains in cold northern climates, by permafrost and small, low plants such as mosses
taiga Russian term for the cast subarctic forest, mainly evergreens , that begins where the tundra end; also used for subarctic climate regions in general
Steppe wide grassy plains of Eurasia, stretching from the black sea to the altai mountains
Ethnic groups group of people who share a common ancestry, language, customs, religion,
Nationalities large, distinct ethnic groups within a country, used especiallu in Russia and Eurasian Republics
Czar Emperor or Supreme Ruler
serf laborer owned by a noble an obliged to remain on the land where he or she worked
Socialism political philosophy that originally called for ownership of all land and factories by peasants and workers
Russification government program that required everyone in the empire to speak Russian and to become a Christian
communism social and political movement developed by Marx and Lenin that favored revolution to est. a classless society in which workers would control industrial production
Perestroika Restructing part of gorbachevs plan for reforming soviet government
glasnost Russian term for new openess
athiest person who does not believe in God
icon religious image, usually including a picture of Jesus mary or a saint used mainly by orthodox Christians
patriarch an important christian bishop or leader, today the head of an independent eastern orthodox church of the armenian apostolic church
pogram attack on jews carried out by government troops or officials
socialist relaism in the soviet union, realistic style of art and literature that gloristic soviet deals ideals and goals
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