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Zach's Lie

by Roland Smith

What type of work does Jack’s father do? He owns his own small airlines and is a pilot
Who did Neil Osborne secretly work for? Alonzo, a drug lord
How would Zach’s mom let June know she thought they were safe? She would mail a postcard with nothing on it
Why did Jack change his name to Zach? He (his mother & sister also) had to enter the witness protection program after his father was arrested
Zach refused to do before being relocated? Dye his hair blond
What did the authorities believe Zach’s father had done to be arrested? Was a pilot for drug smugglers
When given the opportunity to visit their father before relocating who did not? Wanda
Who is Zach’s imaginary friend? Commander IF
What did the DEA do when they entered Zach’s house? They searched it and took most of their possessions
Where were the Grangers relocated in the program? Elko, Nevada
Darrell made a bet with Zach that… Zach’s mother would hear about the fight before Friday
Darrell told Zach that some of the kids at school thought Zach was strange because… He read books in the cafeteria at lunch
Who were the men following Zach, his sister and mother while they were in protective custody? His father’s business partners, drug traffickers
What happened while Zach and Darrell were watching Wanda audition for the school play? A man dressed in black came into the balcony area where they were hiding
Where did Zach find the journal that belonged to his father? Locked inside the box with his own journals
Peter told Zach he would not tell anyone what he knew if Zach? broke up with Caitlin
Sam told Alonzo that the journal belonging to Zach’s father was in his? Workshop at Elko Middle School
What did Sam do prior to working at the middle school? He was a Russian Spy
What did Zach notice first about Caitlin? Her long black hair
What was the problem with Zach’s knees? He broke both his legs when he fell out his bedroom window dressed as a superhero
Who was playing the piano? The custodian, Sam
After relocating, what type of shop will Zach’s mother own? A book store
What state will Zach call his new home? Nevada
What do Caitlin’s parents own and she work? The Nevada Restaurant and Hotel where Sam lives
Where did Caitlin and Sam take Zach for a night? They took him to the mountains to her grandfather’s sheep ranch. They spent the night in tents
What type of child was Sam? A prodigy
Where did Mrs. Pyle send Zach? To see Sam and use the punching bag
Why doesn’t Darrell’s father like Peter’s father? Peter's father used to work for darrell's father...Peter's father hustled him and several others out of a lot of moneynd several others out of a lot of money
What do Peter’s father and mother do after they lost everyone’s money? Gamble
When Zach lost Commander IF , why did he not take it back? Caitlin found it and tried to return it, but Zach though she would think he was silly having a doll
What is the first prank Peter played on Zach? He wrote “Commander IF was here ”in red on Mrs. Miller’s chalk board
Where did Peter want to have dinner the night he was going to meet his parents? The Nevada
What did Sam have to do so Zach would be allowed to stay with him? Sam had to go to the book store and convince Zach’s mother that he was delighted to have Zach stay with him
When does Peter get to spend time with his parents? When they invite him to dinner between gambling and sleeping
Who does Zach think is behind all the pranks? He thinks his sister, Wanda may have told his friends
What did Zach find in the Jack-in-the-box when he was looking for his missing journal? He found journal of pages from his father with a note and some sketches
How much money did Alonzo offer to pay Peter for information leading to Zach and his family? $200 reward
Why did Alonzo approach Peter as he stood in the park across from the school? He wanted to know if Peter went to the school and if he knew of any new kids
Where did Alonzo plan to take the Osbornes once he finds them? Columbia
What did Peter steal from Zach’s backpack at the hotel? He stole his journal
Where was Peter when Zach went to talk to him at his trailer? Peter was in Alonzo’s hotel room giving Alonzo and Paul the information they wanted
Where did they finally find Peter? On Alonzo’s plane
Who came out of the cockpit on the 2nd relocation and surprised the Greenes during their flight? Zach’s father, Robert Greene, was released and on the plane with them
What would be Zach’s new name? Mack Greene
How did the Greene’s get to their new home? They used Alonzo’s airplane, which was now used to take victims and witnesses to their new destinations through Witness Security Program
Who did Alonzo want to trade for Zach? They had Caitlin and wanted to trade her for Zach
Created by: Toano
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