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One & Only Ivan

by Katherine Applegate

Page 6: Where does Ivan live? Ivan lives in a human habitat called the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade.
Page 7: Who are Stella and Bob? Ivan's best friends ( Stella is an elephant and Bob is a dog)
Page 8: What does Ivan call his cage? His domain
Page 9: What did the book taste like left in Ivan's domain? Termite
Page 10: What kind of gorilla is Ivan? A Silverback
Page 15: Name 2 things Ivan has in his domain. A tire swing, a baseball, a tiny pool filled with dirty water, an old TV, a stuffed toy gorilla
How is a me-ball made? Its made by rolling up dung until it's the size of an apple then letting it dry.
What does Ivan sleep with every night? His stuffed toy gorilla.
What is the name of Ivan's stuffed toy gorilla? Not-tag
Page 16: Who is Tag? Ivan's twin sister
Who gave Ivan his first crayon? Julia
Page 17: What does Ivan often do to his subjects before he draws them? Eat it
Page 18: Where is Ivan's drawings sold? The gift shop near his domain
Page 19: What does Ivan make that Mack sells? A picture made by a gorilla
Page 21: When the big top mall was first built, it smelled of what? New paint and fresh hay
Page 23: What type of show is Ivan particularly fond of watching on his TV? Cartoons
Who loves TV almost as much as Ivan? Bob, his dog friend
Page 27: Every night when the store closes, what do Ivan and Stella do? They talk
Page 30: What did Stella injure that never healed? Her foot
Page 33: How much food must a Silverback eat? 45 pounds
Page 36: Where does Bob sleep? On the top of Ivan's belly
Page 37: Bob describes poodles as being what? Parasites
Page 39: What does Ivan draw with his yellow crayon? A banana
Page 44: Where does Julia choose to sit while her father cleans the mall each night? With Ivan
Page 45: What does Ivan look like on the highway billboard? Angry
Page 47: Who gave Bob his name? Julia
Page 58: What does Ivan draw with his new black crayon? A beetle
Page 65: While they wait for the new neighbor, Stella tells them what story? The Jambo story
Page 68: What is the new neighbor that arrives in the big white truck? A baby elephant
Page 69: What is the name of the baby elephant? Ruby
Page 77: Ruby was born where? In the wild
Page 90: What does Bob tell Ruby he does when he's bored? Sleep
Page 103: Who rescued Ruby when she fell into the huge hole? Humans/the whole entire village
Page 109: What are the names of the girl and man who come at night to the mall? Julia and George, her father
Page 114: When Stella was gone, what was it Ivan would give in all the world for a heart of ice? Yogurt raisins
Page 121: Bob can't sleep unless he is where? On Ivan's stomach
Page 125: What was Ivan's name in the jungle? Mud
Page 130: Who bought Ivan and raised him like a human baby? Mack
Page 131: Where did Ivan live before his domain? With Mack and Helen
Every weekend when Mack and Helen took Ivan to a fast-food restaurant, what did they order for Ivan? French fries and a strawberry milkshake
Page 136: When living with Helen and Mack, what was in the kitchen that looked like mud? Frosting
Page 145: What shape does Ivan make to mark his days? X's
Page 151: What does Mack use to poke Ruby? A claw-stick
Page 152: What does Ruby do to Mack after he threatens her? Ruby's trunk slaps into Mack
Page 159: What does Julia give Ivan to paint with? Finger paints
Page 167: Ivan explains to Ruby that a good zoo is a place where humans care for animals and keep them what? Safe
Page 175: Where does Ivan hide his paintings before Mack can see them? Under his pool of dirty water
Page 178: When does Ivan paint his new project? At night
Page 181: When Ivan paints at night, where does Bob sleep? On Not-tag, Ivan's stuffed toy gorilla
Page 189: What is Ivan's new hiding place for the pictures after Mack discovers them? Stuffed inside Not-tag, his toy gorilla
Page 190: Ivan painted for Mack during the day and for who at night? Ruby
Ivan's first finger painting sells for how much? $40.00
Page 195: When Ivan leaps up, Bob goes flying straight into what? Ivan's pool
Page 198: What letter does Ivan paint first? The letter "H"
What word does Ivan paint? Home
Page 231: After being on TV, in the morning several people gather in the parking lot carrying what? Signs on sticks
Ivan wishes he could do what when he sees the signs that have words and pictures on them? Read
Page 233: What did Julia's favorite sign say? "Elephants are people too"
Page 235: Sometime the people carrying signs shouted what? Free Ruby
Page 238: How does Maya get Ruby to enter the box? Clicker training
Page 241: When the animal doctor enters Ivan's cage, Ivan wishes he could hide under Not-tag like who? Bob
Page 244: What happened the last time Ivan was in a box? His twin sister died
Page 248: In the picture of Ruby and Ivan that Julia gives Ivan on her last visit with him, Ivan is doing what in the picture? Smiling
Page 250: What awaits Ivan in the box that the humans push up against his doorway? A ripe mango
Page 253: What do elephants love to play? Tag
Page 255: When Mack pulls out a small photo from his shirt pocket, Ivan is wearing a baseball cap and eating what? An ice cream cone
Page 258: Ivan gives Not-tag to Bob to do what? Help him sleep
Page 263: Ivan's belly is cold without who? Bob
Page 264: What food does Ivan not get at the zoo? No soda and cotton candy
Page 268: How does Ivan first get to know the other gorillas? Watches them on a TV screen
Page 278: Who chases Ivan and throws a stock at him? Kinyani, one of the female gorillas
Page 280: What is the name of one of the female gorillas? Kinyani
Page 282: Maya knows Ivan's weakness and uses what to get him back into his glass cage? Yogurt raisins
Page 289: Near the top of the hill is a low-limbed tree, the kind who would of loved? His sister
Page 297: Who pops out of Julia's backpack when she goes to the zoo to visit Ivan ? Bob
Page 299: The photo that Julia tries to show Ivan, Ruby is shown with what? Being with other elephants
Page 300: As Julia and Bob leave Ivan at the zoo, what does Bob call out? You are the one and only Ivan.
Created by: Toano
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