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Survival Stack 3

Italian Lesson 3 Survival Vocab

ricevere to receive/receive
arte art
cultura culture
maggiori informazioni more information
servizio service
esatto exactly
previsioni weather forecast
tempo weather (or time)
notizie news
entrare to enter/enter
pagare to pay/pay
comprare to buy/buy
fare la spesa to grocery shop
diffuso widespread (diffused)
te tea
cappuccino cappuccino (coffee with steamed milk a/k/a yummy!)
ferrovia railroad
stazione train station
mi serve I need (works like mi piace)
mi servono I need (works like mi piacciono)
fornire to provide
fornisce provides
acquistare to buy; to acquire
mi serve una matita per fare i compiti I need a pencil to do homework
voglio acquistare un biglietto per il circo I want to buy a ticket for the circus
biglietto ticket
mi manca I'm missing (works like mi piace)
mi mancano I'm missing (works like mi piacciono)
mi manca mio amico I miss my friend
mi mancano ingredienti e devo fare la spesa I'm missing ingredients and have to go grocery shopping
divertimento fun
ci sono solo le notizie brutte sul televisore oggi There is only bad news on TV today
vuoi prendere un cappuccino con me stamattina? do you want to go grab a cappuccino with me this morning?
Created by: aberardi