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chap 5

social interaction and structure

achieved status a status attained by effort
ascribed status a status determined by birth
collective consciousness the body of beliefs that are common to a community or society, give sense of belonging
cyberspace interaction an interaction between people through the medium of computer networks
division of labor the systematic interrelation of different tasks that develops in complex societies
ethnomethodology a technique for studying human interaction by deliberately disrupting social norms and observing how individuals attempt to restore normalcy
gemeinschaft German for "community" a state characterized by by a sense of fellow feeling among the members of society
gesellschaft German for "society" a form of social organization characterized by a high division of labor
group a collection of individuals who interact and communicate, share goals and norms, and subjective awareness of "we"
impression management a process by which people control how others perceive them
master status some characteristic of a person that overrides all other features of the persons identity
macroanalysis analysis of large processes and structures such as institutions
organic solidarity unity based on role differentiation not similarity
paralinguistic communication communication that is conveyed by voice pitch, loudness, rhythm, emphasis and frequency
preindustrial society one that directly uses the land as a major means of survival
postindustrial society society organized around the provision of services
proxemic communication meaning conveyed by the amount of space maintained between interacting individuals
role the expected behavior associated with a given status in society
role conflict two or more roles associated with contradictory expectations
role model a person we admire and whose behavior we imitate
role set all the roles occupied by a person at a given time
role strain conflicting expectations within the same role
social institution an established and organized system of social behavior with a recognized purpose
social interaction behavior between two or more people that is given meaning
social organization the order established in social groups
social structure the patterns of social relationships and social institutions that comprise society
society a system of social interactions that includes both culture and social organization
status an established position in a social structure that carries with it a degree of prestige
status inconsistency exists when the different statuses occupied by the individual bring with them significantly different amounts of prestige
status set the complete set of statuses occupied by a person at a given time
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