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Creeds are also called ________ of faith professions
Which 2 terms express summarily the riches of the divine name Love and Faithfulness
What was the beginning of sin and man's fall due to Lie of the tempter
God's truth in his _______, which commands the whole created order and governs the world Wisdom
Israel discovered in her the course of her history that God had only one reason to reveal himself to them, a single motive for choosing them Sheer gratuitous love
God's love for his people is compared to which three types of peoples Father - Son Mother - Children Bridgegroom - Beloved
Which mystery is the central mystery of the Christian Faith? Mystery of the Holy Trinity
____ refers to the mystery of God's inmost life within the Blessed Trinity God in Himself
_____ refers to all the works by which God reveals himself and communicates his life Revelation
The affirmation of the _____ does not appear in the Creed confessed in 381 at Constatinople. filioque
By confessing the Spirit as he "_________", the Easter tradition affirms that he comes from the Father through the Son. Who proceeds through the father
The Western tradition expresses first the ______ between Father and Son, by saying that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son (filioque) consubstantial communion
In order to articulate the dogma of the Trinity, the Church had to develop her own terminology with the help of certain notions of philosophical origins: Substance, Person, Hypostasis, Relation
Of all the divine attributes, which is the only one to be mentioned in the Creed? Omnipotence
What are the three ways by which God's fatherly power is revealed? **** 1. Takes care of our needs 2. filial adoption 3. His infinite mercy
Father in God's Almighty power can be put to the test by the experience of what? Evil and suffering
In what most mysterious way does God the Father reveal his almighty power? Voluntary humiliation and Resurrection of His son
Only what can embrace this mysterious way of God's almighty power faith
Nothing more than this is more apt to confirm our faith and hope. Nothing is impossible with God
What two things do we believe when we believe God creates "out of nothing"? **** 1) God needs no pre-existent thing or help in order to create, 2) creation is not necessary emanation from the divine substance
What do we call the dispositions by which God guides his creation toward perfection God's providence
Why do the Sacred Scriptures often attribute actions to God without mentioning any secondary causes? to recall God's primacy and absolute Lordship over history and the world
Why did God not create a world so perfect that no evil could exist in it? Because of God's infinite wisdom and goodness
What is the greatest moral evil? The rejection and murder of Gods only son, caused by the sins of all men
What is the greates of goods? The glorification of Christ and our redemption
What does "earth" mean in the Nicene Creed? World of Men
What does "simul" mean? at once
What does "deinde" mean? then
Is th existence of "angels" a truth of faith? yes
what is the nature of an Angel? *** Spirit
What is their office called? ** Angel
As purely "spiritual" creatures, angels have (2 things): intelligence and will
Since no creature is self-sufficient, creatures exist only: (3) 1) in dependence of each other 2) to complete other 3)in the service of each other
What is at the heart of Israel's law? Sabbath
The work of creation culminates in the great work of what? Redemption
What is the fundamental reason for man's dignity? *** Image of God
Being in the image of God, man is capable of: (4) 1. Self knowledge 2. Self possession 3. freely gving himself 4. entering into communion with persons
God created everything for ____ man
Man is such a mystery, indeed a mystery unto himself. In reality, it is only in what does the mystery of man truly become clear? The Word made Flesh
Besides the soul, what else in man shares the dignity of "the image of God"? Human Body
Through _______ he sums up in himself the elements of the material world. his bodily human creation
What does the spiritual tradition of the Church emphasize when it uses the term "heart"? Depths of one's being that decides for or against God
God created man and woman together and willed each for the other, therefore man discovers woman as? Another "I", sharing the same humanity
He created them to be a ______, in which each can be "____" communion of persons, "helpmate"
As long as man remained in the divine intimacy, he would not _____ have to suffer or die
List the three "harmonies" comprising the state called "original justice" 1. inner harmony of human person 2. harmony between man and women 3. harmony between first couple and all of creation
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