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ORG 203

ORG 203 Midterm Study Guide

What is Management? Getting work done through others.
What is Efficiency? Getting work done with a minimum of effort, waste or expense.
What is Effectiveness? Accomplishing tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives.
POLC stands for what? Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.
The four functions of Management are? Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling.
Planning is? Determining organizational goals and a means for achieving.
Organizing is? Deciding where decisions will be made, who will do what jobs and tasks, and who will work for whom in the company.
Leading is? Inspiring and motivating workers to work hard and achieve organizational goals.
Controlling is? Monitoring progress toward goal and achievement and taking corrective action when progress isn't being made.
Who are the Top Managers of a company? CEO, COO, CFO, CIO
Who are the Middle Managers? Plant Manager, Regional Manager, Division Manager
Who are the First-Line Managers? Office Manager, Shift Manager, Department Manager
What are some skills a Company might look for? Technical, Human, Conceptual, and Motivational.
What are the three types of Uncertainty? State, Effect, and Response.
What are some Responses to Uncertainty? Defenders, Prospectors, Analyzers, and Reactors.
What is a Mission Statement? A clear, formally written, and publicized statement that guides the organization.
What are the three types of Planning? Strategic, Intermediate, and Operational.
What is an Organization? A cooperative and coordinated system of two or more people with a common purpose.
What is Departmentalization? The group of related jobs or processes into major organizational units.
What is the Span of Control? The number of people who report to a manager.
What is Centralization? Decisions are made by Hierarchy.
What is Delegation? Assigning various degrees of decision making authority to lower-level employees.
What is Quality? Meeting or exceeding customer expectations.
What are the Principles of Total Quality? Customer/Stake Holder Focus, Participation/Team, Improvement/Learning
What are the four steps of the learning cycle? 1.Plan (Plan) 2.Execute Plans (Do) 3.Assess Progress (Check) 4.Revision Planes Based On Learning (Act)
Created by: Heather221
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