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OMLA conference 2014

Key elements

Wormeli - keynote "Teach with students, not to them."
Wormeli - keynote Our goal as teachers is for our students to surpass us.
Wormeli - keynote Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates are sitting in your classroom now. Do you know?
Wormeli - keynote All thinking begins with wonder. - Socrates
Wormeli - keynote Teach kids the models. Then let them break the models.
Wormeli - keynote Life is a question journey. Do your students know how to ask good questions?
Wormeli - keynote FAIL = First Attempt In Learning
Wormeli - keynote Familiarity makes us complacent. Good teachers break the rules occasionally.
Wormeli - keynote Kids are depending on us for daring acts of pedagogy!
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Humor in the classroom: Don't fear it, Work with it!
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Kids want attention - does not matter if it is positive or negative.
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Hang mirrors in class. Cuts down on bathroom breaks.
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt If you say it, then do it!
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Dismiss your classes. Students don't leave unless you say "Have a nice day!"
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Don't let students in unless they are ready to learn. Define that expectation and stick with it.
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt Students need a level of consistency. Start with the basics to set the bar.
Berckemeyer - Classroom Mgmt We cannot control student's at home time. Let it go. Concentrate on class time.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools Glogster EDU - Students make posters and can add video.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools www.MakeBeliefsComix.com - all created comics can be sent to teacher e-mail.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools For applications that have multiple student accounts, suggested format is 1studentschoolname, password: mascot, 2studentschoolname, password: mascot, etc.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools Many applications require very little instruction. Have students sit on their hands for 3 minutes of instruction and turn them loose.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools Great site for book reviews. Parents and teachers can also provide feedback.
D'Amico & Hannan - Tech Tools Wordle.net - This site helps students visualize important words, concepts, ideas, etc.
D'AMico & Hannan - Tech Tools Voice Thread - Students can record evaluations and critiques of their work and classmates, too.
Euclid Team - Data Data is used to increase student achievement and improve teacher effectiveness.
Euclid Team - Data Step 1 - Collect and chart assessment data.
Euclid Team - Data Step 2 - Analyze strengths and weaknesses.
Euclid Team - Data Step 3 - Instructional Strategies: ID learning outcome, Determine rigor and relevance, Choose research based instructional strategy, determine student activities.
Euclid Team - Data Step 4 - Write a SMART goal. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant,Timely)
Euclid Team - Data Step 5 - Analyze post-assessment data.
Euclid Team - Data Communication is two-way: from TBT to SLT to DLT and in reverse.
Euclid Team - Data Teacher Based Teams: Evaluate unit pacing. Is it still working as the year progresses?
Euclid Team - Data Share data with students, so they can see their own progress.
Euclid Team - Data Ways to differentiate: content, process, and products.
Euclid Team - Data Encourage input for differentiation among professional development options and allow teachers to take the lead.
Created by: ebrian