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Radt 465 Equipment

ARRT registery review for equipment operation and quality control

True or false: A bremsstrahlung interaction occurs when an electron knocks out a K shell electron. False. (Radiology Prep book pg. 431)
A _________ interaction makes up 10-30% of x-ray production. Characteristic (Radiology Prep book pg. 431)
True or False: X-rays are no perceptible by the senses. True (Radiology Prep book pg. 434)
A relatively low-energy x-ray photon that uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron, leaving an orbital vacancy. An electron from the shell above drops down to fill the vacancy and gives up energy. Photoelectric effect (Radiology Prep book pg. 434)
A Compton scatter interaction ejects a _______ shell electron. Outer (Radiology Prep book pg. 434)
What kind of scatter has energies that are unuseful in diagnostic radiology? Coherent scatter (Radiology Prep book pg. 435)
________change mechanical energy to electrical energy. Generators (Radiology Prep book pg. 437)
What is an example of direct current? Battery (Radiology Prep book pg. 437)
A helix supplied with current is a ________. Solenoid (Radiology Prep book pg. 439)
Transformers that increase voltage are called ____________. Step up transformers (Worksheet from class on 2/10/14)
The use of unidirectional current is considered ___________. Rectified (Radiology Prep book pg. 442)
The boiling off of electrons is known as _________. Thermionic emission (Radiology Prep book pg. 445)
What functions to produce consistent radiographic results? AEC (Radiology Prep book pg. 453)
What is a spinning-top test used to evaluate? Timer accuracy (Radiology Prep book pg. 454)
In a PSP system, what kind of chemical stores the x-ray energy? Barium fluorohalide (Radiology Prep book pg. 459)
What type of material is the input screen of the image intensifier made of? Cesium iodide (Radiology Prep book pg. 479)
A high frequency generator has a voltage ripple of _________%. Less that 1% (Radiology Prep book pg. 442)
True or false: Moving grids are more expensive than stationary grids. True (Lange Q&A pg. 306)
__________ radiation is produced as electrons strike metal surfaces other than the focal track and produce x-rays that emerge with the primary beam at a variety of angles. Off-focus (Lange Q&A pg. 313)
What does a phototimer measure? Light (Lange Q&A pg. 313)
Created by: lrcannon