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by Ying Chang Compestine

Q: Who was the "Great leader of our country" in the revolutionary song Ling's neighbor was practicing? Chairman Mao
What year is the book set in? 1972 (6 years into the "Cultural Revolutio in China)
Q: Who was the man who moved in to Father's study? Comrade Li
How old is Ling Chang when the book begins? 9 years old
Q: What did Ling want to be when she grew up? A teacher
What is Ling Chang's parents' job? Doctors
Q: What did the children do to Ling on her first day in a new class? They tease her
What language does Dr. Chang teach his daughter in his free time? English
Q: Why the Chang's neighbor, Dr. Wong taken away? He was branded an enemy of the state / or He criticized Chairman Mao **a second neighbor's mother was also taken away later for the same thing
What radio show did Dr. Chang and his daughter sometimes listen to? Voice of America
Q: What was the reason Ling's father gave for why people wanted to go to America? Freedom
Who was the leader of China at the time the book is set? Mao Zedong
Q: What was used to purchase goods when the food was being rationed? Ration tickets
Who was the neighbor's son who was forced to joi the "Red Guard"/ Niu ( the Red Guard is similar to "Hitler's Youth")
Q: What did Mrs. Wong usually make for Ling each year? Clothes
Because Ling's family was considers bourgeois sympathizers what was their surgeon father forced to do instead of practice medicine? he was forced to be a janitor at the hospital
Q: When Ling went to the fabric store to buy flowered fabric what did she discover about the fabric store? They no longer sold flowered fabric... they only solf blue fabric (or revolutionary colors--other types of fabric was considered bourgeois)
Ling and her father rescue a counter-revolutionary writer (Mr. Ji) who was trying to commit suicide. How was the writer trying to commit suicide? by drowning himself
Q: Mrs. Wong was on stage with her hair cut and the words "Symbol of the Bourgeoisie" hung on a board around her neck. What happened that stopped the attack on Mrs. Wong? Ling's father stood up for Mrs. Wong
Niu and his gang of Red Guard arrested Ling's father for what? saving the writer from drowning... for this he was considered an antirevolutionary
Who takes over the shopping since Mrs. Chang works nights and Dr. Chang was jailed? Ling
Who is Gao? a revolutionary student at Ling's school who tries to cut her hair--but Ling fights him off with her backpack
Why were the "intellectuals" students sent to the countryside? to be reeducated by the "dirty handed" peasants who were known to love Mao and communism
What type of camp was Mrs. Wong sent to? a labor camp
Where did Nui try to defect to? Hong Kong
What candy did Ling give to Nui before he left to work at the rubber factory? 2 chocolate bars
What happened to Nui when they caught him? he was interogated and denounced his family and friends and "drew a class line"
What bridge did Ling dream about seeing in person? The Golden Gate Bridge
Who were pimple face, mouse eyes and short legs? revolutionaries who harassed Ling and her family
What happened to the baby doctor after she returned home bleeding? She committed suicide rather than be "reeducated"
What did the baby doctor's mother do to save her grandsons? threw herself on the beaten body of her grandson offered to be reeducated and to "draw a party line" between her and her daughter
What does "draw a party line" mean? to renounce anything and any people or family who are not part of the communist party belief system--and agree to be "reeducated"
Who is supposed to operate on Gao's father (Commrade Sin) Ling's father
What happens to Ling as she attempt to sneak into the compound? The guards catch her and throw her into a room with mats that are infested with lice.
Who let's Ling out of the room the guards locked her in? the gardener
What does Ling catch from sleeping on the mats in the locked room? lice
What did Ling's mother do to help her get rid of the lice? cut off all of her hair
What does the party think about long hair? it is a sign of being bourgeois...being vain and self-centered--which are counter productive to being a good communist
When does Chairman Mao die? 1976
Does the revolution end when Mao dies? no, it is replaced by different revolutionary factions fighting each other
At the market/store, what did people use to save their place in line rather than stand in line all night? baskets and rocks
Where was the second shorter line at the store located? in back... where party members' would be given meat and food while the masses in the front recieved almost nothing
What did Ling do to receive meat at the store? she pretended she was a commrade Mong's daughter
Ling's, Teacher Hui, taught reading without textbooks. What did she use instead? The central government's newspaper, The People's Daily
Who was Jiang Qing? What was important about her hair? Mao's wife... she had short hair cut above her ears and was the model for having an acceptable hair style according to the party
Who is Yu? Who is Gao? a mean girl at school who is pro-revolutionary...mean boy at school who is also pro-revolutionary and the son of Commrade Sin
What did they call Ling's father? An American spy
What is a barefoot doctor? a young peasant who received 8 weeks medical training who is being used to replace the doctors the party has killed or imprisoned
What are the "rights" and the "lefts"? Members of the Red Guard who wore their arm bands on the left or right arm to signal which group of the Red Guard they are siding with
What did Ling do to Gao that caused her to be put on stage and ordered to publically apologize? fought back in school when he wanted to cut her hair
What did Ling bang as she did her crazy apology to Gao? a wok with a spatula
What caused the public apology to stop? Commrade Li was arrested by one of the revolutionary gangs because he sided with Jiang Qing's side
What happened in the end to Ling's father? he was freed and rejoined his family ( he was arrested by Chopstick)
Created by: Toano
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