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RT 296 IT test 4

study test 4

Health care level 7 Provides a framework for exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health info
What does DICOM stand for? Digital imaging and communications in medicine
Who needs DICOM? hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and specialists
Who benefits from DICOM? physicians, patients, and payers
What does RAID stands for? redundant array of independent disks
What is RAID? composed of several magnetic disks or hard drives that are linked together in an array used for short term storage
What does PACS stand for? picture archiving & communication system
DICOM gray scale function assures that pixel values are displayed at the proper luminence providing a more consistent image
Why is compression useful? it helps reduce the consumption of expensive resources, such as hard disk space and transmission bandwidth
Lossless compression when there is no loss of image quality
Lossee (lossy) compression when some loss of image quality occurs and must be used with care
FOV field of view
ROI region of interest
EI exposure index
DEL detector element
TFT thin film transistor
LUT look up table
AMA active matrix array
CPU computer/central processing unit
CCD charge coupled device
RAM random access memory
DQE detective quantum efficiency
SNR signal to noise ratio
What is quality assurance? a plan for the systematic observation and assessment of the different aspects of a project or service to make sure the standards are being met
What is quality control? a comprehensive set of activities designed to monitor and maintain systems that produce a product
What is data integrity? when all images completed at the modality make it to the PACS
What is quality control standards? the ACR requires compliance with standards of practice to ensure quality in any imaging system
QC quality control
QA quality assurance
ACR american college of radiology
TQM total quality management
What is total quality management? overall efficiency and effectiveness of imaging systems are evaluated beyond the mechanics of producing a radio-graph image, maintenance of equipment, image acquisition and processing standards are quality control issues that fit into this concept
What is used to move medical images from the modality to the viewing and storage device? DICOM
Created by: Chrslarsen