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SW Asia/Middle East

SW Asia & Middle East

Kum [pronounced "koom"] term for "desert" in Central Asia
Wadi A desert streambed that fills up with runoff during a heavy rain, but otherwise is dry
Oasis Small area in a desert where water & vegetation are found
Arable Land that is suitable for growing crops due to access to water and fertile soil
Desalination Process of removing salt from seawater to make it usable for drinking and farming
Alluvial Soil Rich soil made up of sand & mud deposits that are deposited by moving water
Phosphate Chemical used in fertilizers; Morocco is a leading producer of phosphate
Pastoralism Way of life that consists of raising livestock [sheep, goats, animals that graze on grass] for steppe dwellers; may include nomadic people
Nomad Member of a wandering pastoral people that move from place to place for sustenance
Revenue Income produced by a specific source [example-Saudi Arabia derives/gets most of its revenue/income from selling petroleum & natural gas]
Crude Oil Petroleum that has not been refined [refined means to remove impurities for commercial use]
Domesticate Taking wild plants and/or animals & adapting them to make useful for food, clothing, and transportation [example-training camels for travel; keeping sheep for wool; growing herbs for medicine and cooking]
Infrastructure Basic urban necessities like paved streets and utilities that developed nations have but developing nations lack
Prophet Person believed to be a messenger from God [examples-Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed]
Monotheism Belief in one god [examples-Christianity, Judaism, Islam]
Mosque House of worship where Muslims [people who practice Islam] pray
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