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Chapter 5

Medical Terminology

a- without, absence of
an- without, absence of
brady- slow
dia- around, passing through
dys- bad, abnormal, painful, difficult
end-, endo- within
epi- upon, over, above, on top
hyper- excessive, abnormally high, above
para- near, alongside, departure from normal
peri- around
poly- many
quadri- four
sym- together, joined
syn- together, joined
ankyl/o fused, not straight
arthr/o joint
burs/o purse or sac, bursa
carcin/o cancer
carp/o wrist
cartil/o gristle, cartilage
cel/o hernia, protrusion
chir/o hand
chondr/o cartilage
condyl/o knuckle of a joint
cost/o rib
cran/o, crani/o skull, cranium
disk/o flat shape, intervertebral disk
duct/o lead, move
electr/o electricity
fasci/o fascia
femor/o thigh, femur
fibr/o fiber
fibul/o clasp of buckle, fibula
flex/o bend
ili/o flank, hip, groin
ischi/o haunch, hip joint, ischium
kinesi/o motion
kyph/o hump
lamin/o thin, lamina
later/o side
lord/o bent forward
maxillo/o upper jaw bone
menisc/o, menisci/o crescent-shaped moon, meniscus
myel/o, myelon/o bone marrow (also means spinal cord, medulla, and myelin)
my/o, myos/o muscle
necr/o death
neur/o sinew or cord (usually applied to nerves, but in the muscular system, it refers to fascia)
orth/o straight, normal
oste/o bone
pariet/o wall
patell/o small, pan, patella
ped/o child
petr/o stone
phalang/o row of soldiers, phalanx
pod/o foot
por/o small hole
physis/o growth
pub/o grown up, pubis
rachi/o spine, vertebral column
radi/o spoke of a wheel, radius
rheumat/o discharge
sacr/o sacred, sacrum
scoli/o curved
skelet/o dried up, skeleton
spondyl/o vertebra
stern/o chest, sternum
synov/o, synovi/o binding of eggs, synovial
tars/o flat surface, tarsum
taxi/o, tax/o reaction to a stimulus
ten/o, tend/o, tendin/o to stretch out, tendon
vers/o turn
vertebr/o joint, vertebra
-algia pain
-asthenia weakness
-blast germ, bud, developing cell
-cele hernia, swelling, protrusion
-centesis puncture; a surgical puncture to aspirate fluids
-clasia, -clasis, -clast break apart
-clonus in motion
-desis surgical fixation, fusion
-dynia pain
-iatry treatment, specialty
-iatrist one who practices
-ist one who practices
-oid resembling
-otomy, -tomy cutting into, incision
-pathy disease
-physis growth
-plasia shape, formation
-plegia paralysis (major)
-practic one who practices
-practor one who practices
-ptosis falling, down, drooping
-schisis split, fissure
syndesis surgical fixation, fusion
-tic pertaining to
-trophy nourishment, development
-um pertaining to
-y process of
skeleton offers support, protection, movement, blood cell formation, and storage of nutrients
three types of joints in the body cartilaginous, synovial, and fibrous
muscular system functions in... movement and heat production
fascia a tough, fibrous connective tissue
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