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RADT465Eq. Oper.& QC

ARRT Registry Review

What is a grid-controlled tube? Type of x-ray tube designed to turn on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposures. (pg. 279)
A slit-camera is used to measure what? Focal-Spot Size and Spatial Resolution (pg. 282)
What's the function of the motor? Converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. (pg. 282)
What is the image intensifier? Device that receives the remnant beam, converts it into light, and then increases the brightness of that light. (pg. 283)
List characteristics of the element tungsten. Metallic Element, Ready Dissipation of Heat, High Melting Point and High Atomic Number. (pg. 283)
What happens in Bremsstrahlung radiation? A high-speed electron enters the tungsten target and is attracted to the positive nucleus of a tungsten atom and, in the process, is decelerated. (pg. 284)
Characteristics of x-ray photons include: A penetrating effect on all matter and an ionizing effect on air (pg. 285)
A spinning top device can be used to evaluate what? Timer Accuracy and Rectifier Failure. (pg. 287)
What does a solid-state Diode do? Device used to change alternating current to unidirectional current. (pg. 287)
What is current? Describes the amount of electric charge flowing per second. (pg. 288)
What can vary the brightness level of the fluoroscopic image? Milliamperage, Kilovoltage, and Patient Thickness. (pg. 288)
List the three component parts of a CT imaging system: High-Frequency Generator, X-ray Tube, and Operator Console. (pg. 288)
With what frequency must radiographic equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? Annually (pg. 289)
What is a rheostat? Device used to control voltage by varying resistance. (pg. 292)
What 3 factors will the anode angle have an effect on? Severity of the heel effect, Focal-Spot Size and Heat-Load Capacity. (pg. 292)
What are phototimers? Light-sensitive AEC devices. (pg. 292)
What two materials would be appropriate for the IP front? Magnesium and Bakelite. (pg. 293)
How often are radiographic equipment kV settings required to be evaluated? Annually (pg. 293)
What is inherent filtration? The filtering effect of the x-ray tube's glass envelope and its oil coolant. (pg. 294)
Accurate operation of the AEC device depends on what? Positioning of the object with respect to the photocell and Beam Restriction (pg. 294)
What is composed of cesium iodide? The image intensifier's input phosphor. (pg. 294)
A photostimulable phosphor plate is used with what? CR (pg. 294)
What is the function of the spinning top? Device used to test the accuracy of the x-ray timer. (pg. 294)
Created by: arsturgill