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Quality Assurance


The Quality Assurance program was originally issued in what year to standardize QA activities within Naval Medical Command MTF's? 1984
Naval Medical Department policy, procedures, and responsibilities for naval DTFs ashore and afloat were issued in 1987 and incorporated into this intruction in what year? 1989
Fixed MTF's and DTF's meeting applicable criteria must gain and maintain what by the Joint Commission on Accrediation of Healthcare Organizations? Accreditation
Routine QA program-related documentation must be maintained in a secured location for period of how many years before disposal? 5 years
QA inquiries / medical records related to a potentially compensable event (PCE) and Judge Advocate General (JAGMAN) investigations must be maintained in a secure location at the local command for a minimum of how many years or as long as needed? 2 years
Identifying assessing, and decreasing risk to patients and staff are objectives of the QA program to reduce exposure to what? Liability
A review of the QA program effectiveness must be completed with revision as necessary every how often? Annually
The Clinical Performance Profile provides a format for compiling and summarizing individual-specific information per what intruction? BUMEDINST 6320.66 (Credentials Review and Privileging Program)
The Clinical Performance Profile is what type of document? Internal
MTF's and DTF's, with guidance from higher authority, must develop what type of programs? Clinical Monitoring
All treatment facilities must fully integrate into there QA program Risk Management procedures requireing review of cases and events that represent liability or injury risk to patients and staff, and must recommend methods of decreasing what? Liability risk
MTF's and DTF's will have what type of programs to monitor resource use and to recommend ways to balance assigned missions statements with existing care resources? Utilization Review
Which committee is multidisciplinary and provides a forum for discussion and oversight of all non-medical staff QA functions? The QA
An executive management team may perform the command QA committee function if it meets at least how often? Monthly
Who Interprets Department of Defense (DoD), Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), and CNO policies and provides guidance for Navy-wide QA program implementation? BUMED
BUMED submits a QA program summary report required by DoD Directives 6025.13 how often? Annually
What data elements are not required for those cases closed through administrative denial of payment or where the health care incident occurred before January 1, 1985? Provider-specific
Who may elect to have a fleet-wide medical and dental QA program under the cognizance of the fleet medical and dental officer? TYCOMS
The Naval School of Health Sciences in Bethesda Maryland will conduct how many educational workshops each year in the principles, components, and management of QA programs for naval Medical Department personnel? TWO (2)
MTFs and DTFs (claimancy 18 only) must forward and annual assessment of the preceding fiscal year's QA program to MED-3C4 with a copy to the cognizant responsible line commander and HLTHCARE SUPPO to reach BUMED by what date of each year? 15 January
Documents and records created per this instruction are medical QA materials and are therefore exempt from the requirements of what act? Freedom of Information Act
Who are personnel who are required to be licensed but are not included in the definition of health care practitioners? Clinical Support Staff
What is a determination concerning a monitor outcome confirmed through the peer review process? Validation
A medical record is considered delinquent if all required record components are not completed with how many days of patient discharge? 30 days
What is the state in which there is a variance from preestablished minimally acceptable standards of care? Deficiency
What is an inpatient acquired infection not present or incubating at the time of admission? Nosocomial Infection
An infection is considered nosocomial if it first becomes apparent how many hours (or more) after admission? 72 hours
What is the process by which practitioners of the same or like discipline evaluate the outcomes of QA program- related monitoring activities? Peer Review
What is a structured approach which continuously analyzes clinical and administrative process within pre-established boundaries using various analytic tables? Continuous Quality Improvement
What is BUMEDINST 6010.13? Quality Assurance (QA) Program
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