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psychology unit3 ch5

sleep deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation Not getting enough sleep over an extended period of time, long term sleep deprivation.
Microsleep A brief involuntary period of sleep that occurs in the midst of a wakeful activity - we tend to drift off and stop concentrating on what we are doing.
Partial sleep deprivation Having some sleep in a 24 hour period but not getting enough to meet your needs; may occur for just during one night or for several nights and can lead to serious consequences.
REM rebound The significantly larger amount of time spent in REM sleep than usual that follows a period of being deprived of REM sleep.
Sleep debt The difference between the amount of sleep you should be getting and the amount you actually get.
Sleep deprivation Not getting the amount of sleep needed; may involve partial or total loss of sleep.
Sleep deprivation psychosis The experience of being depersonalised with a loss of sense of personal identity and increased difficulty with coping with other people and the environment, usually occurs at day 6 of total sleep deprivation.
The 'hat' phenomenon A feeling of tightening around the head as though a hat that is too small is being worn that usually occurs during day 4 of total sleep deprivation.
Total sleep deprivation Going without sleep for an entire 24 hour period; may occur for just during one night or for several nights and can lead to serious consequences.
Created by: lydiamcc