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chapter 11 and 15

adverse drug event (ADE) an injury from a medication or lack of intended medication
automation any technology, machine or device linked to or controlled by a computer and used to do work
bar code medication administration (BCMA) encompasses the use of bar code scanning functionality into the medication administration phase of medication-use and combines a number of hardware and software components to display, receive and chart real-time patient and medication information
carousel dispensing technology (CDT) a medication storage cabinet with rotating shelves used to automate medication dispensing
computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) a computer application that allows physicians to type prescriptions into a computer and send them directly to the pharmacy
decentralized automated dispensing devices secure storage cabinets capable of handling most unit-dose and some bulk (multiple-dose) medications
electronic medication administration record (eMAR) a real-time, computer displayed medication administration record
human factors engineering discipline of designing workplace facilities and tasks to meet the needs and optimize the performance of human beings
interface a physical or electronic connection that enables otherwise incompatible computer systems to communicate and exchange data
integrate a process in which separate components or subsystems are combined or are designed together at the same time with a unifying architecture and problems in their interactions are addressed
medication error any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient or consumer
medication-use process multi-step process (1) prescribing/medication determination (2) medication preparation, dispensing and counseling (3) medication administration (4) patient monitoring/ assessment (5) purchasing/inventory management
radio frequency (RF) network used in the wireless communications industry to describe equipment using radio frequency waves to transmit sounds and data from one point to another
smart pumps infusion devices with clinical decision support software and drug libraries that perform a test of reasonableness at the point of medication administration
supply chain management oversight of the process of moving products, information and money between pharmacies, wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations in the supply chain
technology anything that is used to replace routine or repetitive tasks previously performed by people, or which extends the capability of people
ampul a single-use container composed entirely of glass
cannula a tube like a needle or catheter used to infuse parenteral fluids and medications into the vascular system or other body spaces
electrolyte dissolved ions that include Na, K, Cl, Ca, PO4, and others
epidural the space superior to the dura mater of the brain and spinal cord and inferior to the ligamentum flavum; outside the subarachnoid space where the cerebrospinal fluid flows
extravasation the inadvertent administration of vesicant medication or solution into the tissue surrounding an artery or vein
incompatibility incapable of being mixed or used simultaneously without undergoing chemical or physical changes or producing undesirable effects
infiltration the inadvertent administration of non-vesicant medication or solution into the tissue surrounding an artery or vein
intrathecal space within the spinal canal
parenteral (or injectable) dosage form intended for injection through one or more layers of skin or other external boundary tissue, so that the active substances are administered directly into a blood vessel, organ, tissue or lesion
sharps objects in the health care setting can be reasonably anticipated to penetrate the skin and to result in an exposure incident
standard precautions guidelines designed to protect workers with occupational exposure to blood borne pathogens
total parenteral nutrition (TPN or hyperalimentation) the intravenous provision of total nutritional needs for a patient who is unable to take appropriate amounts of food enterally
vehicle liquid in which active ingredients are dissolved, suspended or emulsified
vial a plastic or glass container with a rubber closure secured to its top by a metal ring
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