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child psychology

What is a gene? segment of DNA that contains instructions for making proteins.
DNA duplicates itself through the process of mitosis
heredity supplies our genotype
what reflects the combined effects of heredity and environment? phenotypes
What structures in the nucleus of each cell, store and transmit genetic information? chromosomes
chromosomes are made up of molecules of DNA
individuals are created when what combines? gametes
what is formed through a cell division process? meiosis
what is one of the most frequently occurring recessive disorders? phenylketonuria
what is x-linked inheritance? harmful allele is carried on the x chromosome.
prenatal development takes place in three phases. the period of the zygote, the period of the embryo, & the period of the fetus.
how long can sperm live? up to six days
how long does the period of the zygote last? about two weeks
by the fourth day, 60 to 70 cells exists, forming a hollow, fluid filled ball called blastocyst
where is embryonic disk located? cells on the inside of the blastocyst.
where is trophoblast located? outer rings of cells
when does implantation? between the seventh and ninth days, when the blastocyst burrows into the uterine lining
what does yolk sac produce? blood cells until the liver, spleen, and bone marrow are mature enough to do so.
what does trophoblast do? become the structures that provide protective covering and nourishment.
how long does the period of the fetus lasts? from the ninth week to the end pregnancy.
organs, muscles, and nervous began to become organized and connected during which period? the period of the fetus.
external genitals are well-formed during which week? the twelfth week
high birth weight is linked to what? breast cancer
what is linked to increased risk of premature delivery and birth complications? antidepressants
studies show that low birth weight is associated with high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes in middle adulthood.
what fine hair covers the fetus? Lanugo
What cheeselike substance covers the skin of the fetus, protecting it from chapping? Vernix
how long is the age of viability? between 22 and 26 weeks
what does age of viability mean? point at which the baby can first survive if born early.
what enlarges and the fetus spends more time awake? cerebral cortex
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