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RADT 465

Equipment Operation and QC

The distance between two consecutive wave crests. Wavelength pg. 432
Shorter wavelength = _______ frequency Greater pg. 433
What is Tungsten's atomic number? 74 pg. 446
T/F: The effective focal spot is almost always smaller than the actual focal spot. False. It's ALWAYS smaller. pg. 448
A _________ terminates the exposure should the AEC fail. Backup timer. pg 466
What is a pixel? A two-dimensional picture element. pg 466
What is a voxel? A three-dimensional picture element. pg 466
Defined as the ratio of light photons at the output phosphor to the number at the input phosphor. Flux gain. pg 480
What does magnification do to patient dose? Increases patient dose due to having to increase the mA value. pg. 482
Bremsstrahlung radiation comprises _____ of the x-ray beam. 70-90%. pg 431
Characteristic radiation comprises _____ of the x-ray beam. 10-30%. pg 431
Frequency and wavelength are _____ related to each other. Inversely. pg. 431-432
T/F: x-rays travel at the speed of light. True. pg 434
Which photon interaction contributes to the technologist's dose? Compton Scatter. pg. 434
What is the only interaction that doesn't cause ionization? Coherent Scatter. pg 436
Major contributor to patient dose. Photoelectric effect. pg 436
Frequency's unit of measurement. Hertz. pg.438
A ______ converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generator. pg 439
Tungsten chosen as target material because of? Its high atomic number and high melting point. pg 446
What causes a cracked anode? A single, large, excessive exposure to a cold anode. pg 449
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