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Geography Chapter 12

Geography Chapter 12 and Map

Denmark guards channel that connects what two seas North and Baltic
Denmark governs Faroe archipelago- Group of islands
Denmark capital and largest city Copenhagen
Denmark low, green hills, woods, grasslands, moors- Windy treeless land that is often wet
Denmark climate Warm in summer- cold in winter
Denmark make money off of Porcelain, meat, dairy, ships, engines, furniture, legos
Vikings Denmark Conquered Jutland (peninsula)
Parliamentary Democracy Denmark government
Denmark World War 2 Tried to be neutral but had to side with Nazis
Under rule of Queen Margarethe Denmark, Norway, Sweden under one rule
Denmark Economy Part of European Union
Danes High standard of living- 85% in cities or towns- Protestant Lutheran- modern and like to be cozy
Iceland geysers- Springs that shot hot water and steam into the air
Iceland geothermal energy- Heat produced by natural underground sources
Iceland sits on a fault line- Break in Earth's crust along with movement occurs
Iceland land 200 volcanoes- 80% glaciers, lakes, treeless wilderness
Iceland climate Warm in summer- cold winter
Capital Reykjavik
Iceland economy Fishing-
Cod Wars Wanted British to stop fishing near them- they said no- started gunfire from boat to boat
Sagas Long tale
Iceland government Parliamentary republic
Iceland people 99% urban areas- half in capital- everyone can read or write
Scandinavia Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden- Northern Europe
Norway has many fjords- steep-sided valleys that are inlets of the sea
Norway and glaciers Carve many things- valleys, Kjolen Mountains
Norway One third Arctic- hydroelectric power- 3% okay for agriculture- 25% forest-
Norway capital and largest city Oslo
Norway climate Warm in south and west- cold in north
Norway called Land of the midnight sun- dark all winter- light all summer
Norway's economy Wealthy: second largest oil export- Bergen: major port- large fleet of commercial ships- export lots of fish
Norway's history Found by Vikings: Leif Eriksson first European to explore North America- ruled by Denmark then by Sweden
Norway government Became free and is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary republic- voted to be in European Union, but is hotly debated
Norway people Speak Norwegian- mostly Protestant Lutheran- 3/4 in cities
Sami Ethnic group that lives north of Arctic Circle
Sweden Highlands, lowlands, skerries
Sweden's economy Wealthy, industrial, natural resources- 8% for farming
Sweden produces Timber, wood pulp, lumber- lots of food- hydroelectric power
Sweden's history King Gustav Vasa turned it from Roman Catholic to Protestant- armies conquered around Baltic Sea- many emigrated
Emigrated Moved to other countries
Skerries Rocky islands
Sweden's government Started to become welfare state- part of European Union- parliamentary republic
Sweden largest city and capital Stockholm
Finland Lies on flat plateau- 2/3 thick forest- 10% water- very cold during winter
Finland economy Wealthy- part of European Union- heavy industry
Heavy industry Manufactured goods such as machinery
Finland produces Spruce, pine, birch, paper, wood- livestock for meat and dairy- grains and potatoes- hydroelectric power
Finland history Swedish Vikings used to rule- used to be controlled by Russia
Nationalism Desire for an independent country
Finland government Became free and is a parliamentary republic- 5 million towns or cities- speak Finish- most Protestant Lutheran
Finland capital and little town Helsinki
Saunas Wooden rooms heated by water sizzling on hot stones
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