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by Carl Hiaasen

Where is the book set? What state? Florida
What fell out of a palm tree and hit Mickey Cray in the head causing him to be out of work? A dead iguana a 7 pound frozen, dead iguana
How many iguanas froze and fell from the treetops? hundreds
What was the diagnosis given to Mickey Cray after the ambulance took him to the hospital? Serious concussion—double vision and terrible headaches—lost his appetite, lost 19 pounds…
Why did the iguana die and fall out of the tree in the beginning of the book? It froze due to the weather
What was Mickey Cray’s job? An animal wrangler
What did Wahoo’s father name him after? Wahoo McDaniel, a professional wrestler
What “spiritual remedy” did Mickey eat? He had his son, Wahoo thaw the iguana and make a peppercorn stew out of it
Who was Jacko? A mean and troublesome howler monkey who learned how to pick the lock to his cage
What was Donnie Dander found smuggling into the country by customs officers? 38 rare tree frogs- they were cheeping in his pants… this caused him to lose his import license
How much did the animal wrangling pay that Wahoo accepted? $1000 per day plus animal rental
Who were Gary and Gail? Galapagos tortoises who were more than 100 years old
What appendage is Wahoo missing? his thumb... it was bit off by Alice the Alligator by accident when he was feeding her a whole chicken once
What name is Wahoo’s father’s python? Beulah the big Burmese python
What does verisimilitude mean? Making it look real
What frozen animal fell on Wahoo’s father’s head? Iguana
What did Derek Badger do before he was on Expedition Survival? He was an Irish folk dancer who broke his toe
What was Derek Badger’s first name? Lee Bluepenny
What is the name of Derek Badger’s show? Expedition Survival
Each week Derek Badger would parachute in some wilderness on his TV show armed only with two things. What were the two things? A Swiss army knife and a straw
What type of accent did Derek Badger put on for his show? Australian—he copied it from the late Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter
What did the Expedition Survival show’s producers like about Lee Bluepenny when they auditioned him? He could swallow a live salamander and not throw up
What rodent once woke up when Derek was eating it and bit him on the lips? A shrew rat
How is it that Derek is so tan? He gets a spray tan before going on camera
What animal does Derek get bitten on the nose by? Snapping turtle
Alice is what type of animal? alligator
Tuna lives in the parking lot of a _______. Walmart
Where did Tuna live? In an old Winnebago RV (camper)
Who drops from the helicopter into the Everglades? a stuntman...not Derek Badger
What language did Wahoo’s mom teach? Mandarin Chinese
What did the top executive really say in Chinese when he thought he was saying to a Chinese government official, “Nice shoes”? that his face looked like a butt wart
Who is Julie? Wahoo’s sister who is in law school at the University of Florida, Gainesville
What are the natural enemies of pythons in Florida? Nothing
About how many eggs will a python lay at a time? About 50
How did Derek Badger arrive on set in the Everglades? By helicopter
Where does Tuna’s mother live? Chicago… she left to take care of her ill mother
Why did Tuna stay behind in Florida rather than go with her mother to Chicago? She wanted to finish school
What bit Derek Badger on the tongue? A mastiff bat that he was trying to eat
What did Wahoo use to get the python to stop biting his dad? Bourbon—because it stung the tastebuds
What did Wahoo used to spread the antiseptic ointment over his dad’s foot after Beulah bit him? A butter knife
What is Raven Stark’s job? Senior production assistant
Does Derek Badger keep his job? no... his contract is not renewed at the end of the TV season
What number of iguanas died? hundreds
What predator is the most ferocious in the Everglades? alligators
What is the name of Cray’s gator? Alice
How long was Alice? 12 feet long
What was Alice’s demeanor? Tame as a guppy
What do they feed Alice? Whole plucked chickens
What was Alice used for over the years? TV commercials and documentaries, movies
What nickname did Tuna call Wahoo? “Lance”
What nickname did Wahoo have for Tuna? Lucille
What did Mickey name the snake he caught in the Everglades? Fang
What was Mickey’s nickname for Derek Badger? Dork Badger
Who gave Tuna a black eye? Her dad
How did Mickey get the bat to stop biting Derek’s tongue? Tickle its belly
What did Derek borrow/steal when he left in the middle of the night? An airboat
Who shot Mickey in the foot? Tuna’s father, Jared Gordon
What did Derek act like after being bit by a bat and lost in the Everglades? A bat/vampire
Which happened to Derek while in the Everglades—missed by a bolt of lightning or charged by a feral pig? BOTH
What happens to Derek at the end of the TV season for Expedition Survival? His contract was not renewed
Who made the TV show’s producers pay Wahoo and Mickey their salary in the end? Julie (Wahoo’s sister who is in law school)
Created by: Toano
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