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Cultures and Lifestyles of Africa South of the Sahara

malnutrition condition that results from people not getting enough nutrients because of not eating enough food or not eating a variety of foods
sanitation removal of waste products
life expectancy number of years an average person is expected to live
social status person's position in the community
rite of passage special ceremony that marks a particular stage in life, such as when young boys or girls reach adulthood
griot storyteller from West Africa who relates oral traditions of the people
compound group of houses surrounded by walls; a pattern of rural housing typical in parts of Africa south of the Sahara
extended family household made up of several generations, including grandparents, parents, and children
nuclear family family group that includes only parents and their children
clan large group of people who have a common ancestor in the far past
lineage larger family group with close blood ties, such as connection to a common grandmother or grandfather
trend general tendency
tradition belief or custom handed down through generations
require to have a need for
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