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Liesl & Po

by Lauren Oliver

What part of the house is Liesl confined to? The attic
What does Liesl see one night in her room? “ghost” like figure… Po
What is the name of the pet that accompanies Po? Bundle
How is Po different from what you would imagine a ghost to be? Blurry, doesn’t have eyes
What does Po hate about the impression living people have about ghosts? The living people think ghosts are come to haunt them… but in reality, ghosts have better things to do than scare the living
Why did Liesl stop drawing? Her dad dies
What word does Liesl spell three times to stop crying? Ineffable
Why is ineffable Liesl’s favorite word? Because it means a feeling so big that it could not be expressed in words—like her feelings for her dad
On page 14 what do they compare ghosts to? Vast spaced between stars or the invisible side of the moon
What does Po’s pet sound like? mwark
Why wouldn’t Liesl’s stepmother say goodbye to her father before he died? She told Liesl she wouldn’t want to remember her father being sick
How would you describe the way Liesl’s stepmother treats her? Like a prisoner—she called her an “attic rat”
How is Will treated by the alchemist? With disrespect, like a servant instead of an adopted child
What word does the alchemist use repeatedly to describe Will? useless
How is the way Will is treated similar to the way Liesl is treated by her stepmother? Neither are accepted or given a sense of belonging to a family
Why does Will keep looking for the girl at 31 Highland Avenue? He feels drawn to her, as if their destinies are intertwined
What does Will remember about Kevin Donnel’s house when looking at Liesl in her window? How he envied Kevin’s warm welcoming family home (he was in orphanages)
What does Po ask for in return for giving Liesl’s father a message? A drawing
What was inside the wooden box that Will grabbed when leaving Mr. Gray’s? Ashes of Liesl’s dad in Mr. Gray’s mother’s jewelry box
How does Will’s decision to first deliver the message Mr. Gray prove to be a fateful one? He “loses” the special box—and gets the ashes of Liesl’s father
What is Mr. Gray’s profession and his side business? Profession: Body disposal… side: human and body parts
When Will fell asleep at Mr. Gray’s house, what was he dreaming about? Liesl--girl in the attic window
What are the feelings and attachments that Liesl stirs up in Po? He lied to her to spare her feelings and make her happy—makes him feel friendship
How does Po meet Liesl’s father? In Po’s secret spot (the moonlit hill by the water) p. 77
What do you think Henry means when he says “It was the soup you know, we never should have eaten the soup” on page 81? The soup may have been poisoned
What was Henry and Augusta’s marriage like? A marriage of convenience—Henry still loved his 1st wife
Where did Liesl’s father ask to be placed for his final resting place? The willow tree next to lake the lake were Liesl’s mother is buried
What does Augusta fear Liesl will be able to do with the magic powder? Raise the ghost of her father
How did Liesl get out of the attic? Po scared Karen when she brought a breakfast tray
Why does Liesl run away from Will? Po tells her to run—she thinks Will is helping the police
What makes Will think Liesl might be crazy? She refers to Po and Bundle—and Will can’t see them
What does Augusta confess to Liesl? She killed Liesl’s father
What does Liesl realize when she gets to the red house? It was a trap—Lady Premiere was there to get the box
Why does seeing her house consumed by fire give Liesl joy and relief? Her dad’s ashes are in the wall—and he will cross over now to go to the will tree
What happens when the true meaning of magic is revealed p. 288 and what is Liesl able to do? The sun came out and new life sprung everywhere… Liesl’s father appears
What happens when Po and Bundle turn golden? They become more solid, Po is a boy named Peter and Bundle is a dog—they go to the beyond
Created by: Toano
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