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Tobacco Info

-for Tobacco Test

Approximately how many chemicals are in a cigarette? 4,000
Approximately how many chemicals are in a cigar? 10,000
What are carcinogens known to cause? Cancer
Where do the majority of these carcinogens come from? Pesticides/bug spray
What is the most addictive substance that human are currently aware of? Nicotine
Around how many cigarettes equal a marijuana joint? 4-7
What percent of people get addicted the first time they have a cigarette? 12%
What percent of smokers will be lifetime users? 98%
What are the five most common gateway drugs? -marijuana -tobacco -alcohol -inhalants -prescription drugs
What condition has clogging of the arteries? Arteriosclerosis
What are the four major thing that contribute to arteriosclerosis? -alcohol -tobacco -fatty foods -lack of exercize
What condition is an abnormal increase in the size of the air space that results in labored breathing and respiratory infection? Emphysema
What does smoking cause blood vessels to become? narrow/constricted blood vessels
What is an ulcer? A sore in the lining of a stomach
What in cigarettes causes extra stomach acid to be produced, which creates the an ulcer and delays the healing process? Nicotine
What condition has extremely bad breath? Halitosis
What is the most common cancer caused by smoking? Lung cancer
What percent of all lung cancers are caused by smoking? 85%
What cancers are caused by smoking? -lung cancer -throat cancer -mouth cancer -voice box cancer -bladder/kidney cancer
What is mouth cancer called when it is detected early? Leukoplakia
What are your body's three main lines of defense? -skin -mucus membranes -fever
What are tiny hair like fibers that are constantly working to sweep debris up and out of your system called? Cilia
What chemical temporarily paralyzes cilia? Tar
When cilia is no longer functioning, a pack a day smoker will need to clear about how much of what in their lungs each morning? 2 cups of mucus
What fraction of four cups of tar goes into the lungs of the smoker? 1/3 of tar
Created by: ethibault