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Chapter 2 Review

Elements of Art Quiz

COLOR Element of art that is derived from reflected light
PRIMARY HUES Spaced equally on the color wheel, these hues can be mixed to make all the other hues
RED, YELLOW, BLUE Primary Hues
SECONDARY HUES Hues made by mixing equal parts of two primary hues
BLUE, ORANGE Complementary Colors
DARK VIOLET, LIGHT VIOLET Monochromatic Colors
RED, ORANGE Warm Colors
GREEN, RED Complementary Colors
To change the _____ of a hue, add either white or black Value
COMPLEMENTARY COLORS Colors opposite each other on the color wheel
A light value of a hue is called a _____ Tint
Artists use ____ lines in a work to create a sense of calm and relaxation horizontal
The element of ____ is used to refer to an object with three dimensions form
A square is an example of an ____ shape geometric
Artists overlap shapes within a painting to give the work a feeling of ___ dapth
Humans experience texture with the sense of ___, and the sense of ___ touch, sight
COLOR WHEEL Arrangement of hues in a circular format used as a tool for color mixing
INTENSITY Brightness or dullness of a hue
MONOCHROMATIC COLORS Different values of a single hue
VALUE Element of art concerned with the lightness or darkness of a hue
HUE A color's name
INTERMEDIATE HUES Colors created by mixing a primary hue with its neighboring secondary hue
SHADE A darker or blacker value of a hue
SHAPE Area clearly set off by one or more of the other six visual elements of art
SPACE Distance or area around, between, above, below, and within objects
LINE A continuous mark made on some surface by a moving point
ELEMENT OF ART A basic visual symbol an artist uses to create visual art
LANDSCAPE A drawing or painting of mountains, trees, or other natural scenery
HORIZONTAL LINES Lines that run parallel to the ground
VERTICAL LINES Lines moving straight up and down
DIAGONAL LINES Lines slanting somewhere between a vertical or horizontal line
ZIGZAG LINES Lines combining diagonal lines that change directions suddenly to form sharp angles
CURVED LINES Lines that change direction gradually in a graceful, flowing way
GEOMETRIC SHAPES Precise shapes that look as if they were made with a ruler or other drawing tool
ORGANIC SHAPES Irregular or uneven, the outline of these shapes curve
LEAF, KEY, CLOUD Organic shapes
Artists use ___ lines to show dignity, formality, and strength vertical
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