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Secret Life/Finklema

by Ben H. Winters

Which teachers at Mary Todd Lincoln Middle were most hated and what do they teach? Mr. Vasouvian-gym, Ms. Pinn Darvish- art p. 1
What are the names of Mrs. Howell’s cats? Jackie O and Mr. Spock p. 1
Where does Bethesda usually sit in her History class? Why? In the front row-she hates the feeling like there are things going on she can’t see p. 3
Name 2 remarkable things about Mr. Melville. Eyebrows of cruelty, never speaks to teachers, floating midterm 33.33% of your grade, special projects p. 4
What are “special projects” and what is the project about? Random assignments having nothing to do with social studies syllabus and the great unknown p. 6
What are some of the other students planning on doing for their special project? Suzie and Shellie-hot dogs are sold in packs of 10 and buns in packs of 8m, Victor- whether the dolphin at the aquarium (Mr. Happy) is really happy or hoping if he does well they will set him free, Hailly- why her mother no longer speaks to her uncle p. 9
Who is the principal of Mary Todd Lincoln Middle School? Isabella Van Vreeland p. 15
What are some of the humiliations principal Van Vreeland has gone through because of lost bets? Fake handle bar mustache, bright red wig, dressed as a penguin p. 17
What is the All Country choral Corral? Every band and chorus teacher selects one 7th grade class to compete in any musical presentation p. 18
Why type of musical presentation is Ms. Finkleman preparing this year? Traditional English folk ballads from the 16th century p. 18
What does SPDSTAMF stand for? Secret Project to Discover the Secret Truth About Ms. Finkleman p. 21
What is the name of Bethesda’s favorite stuffed animal? Teddy who replaced the one whose head fell off in the washing machine… or Teddy Wo p. 21
What does Ms. Aarndini teach? Home economics p. 22
Name at least two ways o saying “nothing”. Nope, zilch, nada, zip, not a jot, yo nose nada p. 23-4
What does Ms. Zmuda know about Ms. Finkleman that no other teacher knows? She had a tattoo p. 25
What did Bethesda find on Ms. F’s desk? Pencil sharpener, bowl of clementines, teacher’s edition of Greensleeves and other Traditional English Folk Ballads p. 29
What is the name of the school janitor? Janitor Steve p. 32
What is Ms. Finkleman’s first name? Ida p. 33
What are some of the odd names Bethesda’s dad call her? Cheese potato p. 42, Dr. Octagon p. 39
What is an agouti? Tiny brownish rodents who live in Central and South America p. 46
How are agoutis like Ms. Finkleman? they are shy and nervous like Ms. F p. 46
How many students does Ms. F have in her 7th grade music class 6th period? 24 p. 63
Who is vice principal at the school? Jasper Ferrars p. 69
To whom is Pamela Preston related to? Jesse James p. 72
What did Principal Van Vreeland demand of Ms. F? a rock and roll show for the choral corral p. 74
Who is chef Pilverton and what does he do? Life sized automated puppet of a French chef inside a big clock in the food court… every 15 minutes he pops out of the clock to exclaim something about the food court p. 80
Who sent Bethesda and Tenny the notes to meet where and what time? Ms. Finkleman, Chef Pilverton at the food court at 8:30 p. 82
What was Tenny’s response when Bethesda asked him “What about 70’s rock?”
What is the name of Band 3? The Careless Errors p. 95
What musical era are the Careless Errors into? 90’s rock p. 95
What actually caused the rock formation near the gym? Not aliens but… gophers p. 98
What deal did Bethesda, Tenny and Ms. Finkleman make? Tenny would plan the entire rock show if Bethesda tutored him in social studies p. 108
What song is Band of 2 (aka Half eaten Almond Joy) playing? Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi p. 111
What are three synonyms for brave the Bethesda found in the thesaurus? Audacious, steadfast, intrepid p. 123
What does Pamela’s mother think is wrong with her? Boy problems p. 127
What do WR, TWR and UR stand for? Way rock, totally way rock and un-rock p. 136
What kind of collector’s clock does Tenny own? Guitarist Pete Townsend of The Who p. 141
What is Pamela intending to do with the information she uncovers? Blackmail Ms. F. p. 145
What is Pamela’s father’s suggestion when she threatens to give up? Bluff or lie p. 146
To Tenny what color is history? Gray p. 150
To Tenny what color is rock? Black with colorful lights p. 151
What instrument does Pamela play? The maracas p. 165
What do Kevin’s parents threaten to do when he’s playing “great ball of fire”? get rid of the piano p. 170
What is Bethesda’s plan to get Tenny to pass the midterm? Cheat! P. 189
What do you believe Ms. F’s decision about letting the kids participate in the choral corral was? Probably no… but we don’t really get to know p. 213
What is the name of the janitor? Steve p. 214
What is a green room? “special backstage area where rock stars hand out before a show” p. 214
What did Grover Cleveland Middle School perform for the choral corral? Gregorian chants p. 223
How long has it been since Ms. Finkleman spoke to her sister? 14 years p. 227
What is Ms. Finkelman’s sister’s name? Clementine p. 229
What/ Who is Ms. Finkleman’s tattoo of? Mozart p. 245
Created by: Toano
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