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Fingertips/Duncan D

by Meg Wolitzer

Where does Duncan’s mother work? Thriftee Mike’s Warehouse p. 4
What did Duncan’s father die of? panosis p. 6
What id Duncan wear on his first day of school? Yellow shirt and green pants p. 9
What is Duncan’s locker number? 229 p. 9
What is the first book Duncan “reads” in public? Andrew’s video game book “Starpod Defenders” p. 14
What is the name of Lucy and April’s future law office? Flink and Curnish Limited p. 32
What is Lucy’s dog’s name? Bear p. 32
How many points is an “x” worth in scrabble? 8 p. 38
What is it called when you use all of your letters in Scrabble 3X in a row? Bingo-Bango-Bongo p. 38
What type of books does Nate’s dad write? Science fiction p. 48
What color is Maxie’s hair? Magenta p. 50
What color is Maxie’s skate board? Pink with black stripes p. 50
With what word did Nate’s father lose to in his own Scrabble tournament? Zygotes p. 53
Is the word SPORK a playable word in Scrabble? No p. 65
What is the name of the kid April and Lucy babysit? Jasper Kroger p. 78
What are the names of April’s siblings? Liz, Jenna, and Gregory p. 84
How much is it going to cost Duncan to go to the tournament? $885 p. 95
For what product/company would Duncan be doing the ad? Cigarettes/Smooth moves p. 105
What was the first tile drawn in Duncan’s first Scrabble match at tournament? Carl drew a P p. 128
What team did Nate and Maxie play first? Evangelical Scrabblers p. 133
What were their names? Kaylie and Josh p. 133
What word did Kaylie and Josh (the Evangelical Scrabblers) play first? WINDOW p. 133
How were the Wranglers able to go to the tournament?
What is the word judge program called? SYZYGY p. 147
What happened on Duncan’s first skateboard ride? he fell and hurt his knee p. 156
What is the name of the alligator at Fun Swamp? Scaly p. 161
What is Nate’s favorite band? The Lungs p. 172
What is Lucy’s one weakness? Roller coasters p. 176
What object do Nate and Maxie have shared custody? stuffed alligator p. 181
What is the name of April and Lucy’s Scrabble team? Oregonzos p. 201
What letter does Maxie draw on Big Apple Duo’s final game? B p. 214
What was the last/winning word in Big Apple Duo vs. Drilling Falls? PASSION p. 224
What is the name of the tournament ref? Dave Hopper p. 240
How does Duncan interpret Carl’s order to “make it right”? he uses his right hand p. 249
What is the boy from the motel pool’s real name? Jake Kennelly p. 270
What does Aunt Djuna make Duncan for his celebratory dessert? Brownies (4 trays) p. 273
Created by: Toano
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