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Womens Studies

resisting the social construction of gender into two distinct categories

Womens StudiesDescription
What is Womens Studies? The examination of women's experiences that recognizes our achievements and addresses our status in society
Androcentrism confusion of maleness with humanity, which puts men at the center and relegates women to outsiders in society.
gender can be defined as the way society organizes understandings of sexual difference
patriarchy can be defined as a sysrem in which men dominate because power and authority are in the hands of adult men
second wave womens movement of the 1960's and 1970's
interdisciplinary combines knowledge from and methodologies of disciplines across humanities and the social and biological sciences it analyzes.
misogyny `the hatred of women
lesbian baiting feminists being accused of being lesbians in an effort to discredit and prevent women from joining the movementand taking womens classes
homophobia the societal fear or hatred of lesbians and gay men.
Compulsory Heterosexuality the notion that everyone should be heterosexual and have relationships with the opposite sex.
Ableism discrimination against the mentally retarded nd physically disabled.
Privilege can be defined as special advantages people have by virtue of their status or position in society.
Confluence the flowing together of various identities
Hate crimes Crimes whose motives are hate and bigotry and whose perpetrators are most likely heterosexual
Sexual terrorism The threat of rape and sexual assault that controls a womens life, whether or not she is actually raped or assaulted.
Institutions social organizations that involve establishes patterns of behavior organized around particular purposes.
Internalized assimilated, intergrated, or incorporated into our thoughts and behavior
horizontal hostility when individuals direct the resentment and anger they have about their situation onto those who are of equal or of lesser status
Language the symbolic menas by which we communicate
Gender Socialization a process by which we are taught and learn the appropriate thinking and behaviors assosciated with being a boy or a girl.
transgendered involves resisting the social construction of gender into 2 distinct categories, masculinity and feminity, and working to break down these constraining categories
Transexual are people who believe that they ARE born with the bodies of the wrong sex. usually they desire to be surgically a;tered to claim a sex different from the one into which they were born.
Androgyny can be defined as the lack of gender differentiation;androgenous persons display a balanced mixture of recognizable feminine and masculine traits.
Machismo involves breaking rules, sexual potency contextualized in the blending of sex and violence, and contempt for women (misogyny)
Another dimension of masculinity is the provider role, composed of ambition, confidence, competence, and strength.
Sexual scripts reflect norms, practices, and workings of power, and they provide frameworks and guidelines for sexual feelings, and behaviors
sexual desire and gender article emphasized two key points a) that sexuality is about society as much as it is about biological urges, and b)the most significant dimension of sexuality is gender
Sexual self schemas can be defined as identities or cognitive generalization about sexual aspects of the self that are established from past and present experiences, and that guide sexual feelings or behavior.
Politics the term implies issues assosciated with the distribution of power in sexual relationships.
Emma Goldman according to J Edgar Hoover, she was the most dangerous woman in 20th century n america. She was drawn to anarchism and became a revolutionary. she was a nurse in new yorks ghettos. She was particulary concerned about sexual politics within anarchism. pg
objectification seeing the body as an object, and separate from its context
2 issues assosciated with the cultural preoccupation of woman and the body. a) close relationship between mother and nature and bodily functions, and
nature the body, the earth, and the domestic WOMEN
Culture the mind rather thatn the body and abstract reason rather than earthly mundane matters MEN
biological determinism - a tendency that sees women in terms of their reproductive and biological selves.
disciplinary practices shaving, makeup, etc pg 206
know eating disorders anorexia, bulimia, etc.
medicalization the process whereby normal functions of the body come to be seen as indicative of disease.
gender stereotyping encompasses how notions about feminity and masculinity inform everyday understanding of health care occupations and influence how medical practioners treat their patients.
Reproductive choice involves being able to have safe and affordable birth control techonologies, freedom from forces sterilization, and the availability of abortion.
eugenics racist and classiist idea that certain groups have more right to reproduce than others; a belief and social practice.
Griswold VS CT mid- 60's decision that allowed married couples the right to birth control.
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