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Narcotic/Opiod Analgesics meds (6) Demerol, Dolophine, Dilaudad, Morphine Sulfate, Paregoric, Percodan
Narcotic/Opiod Analgesic Action (3) Elevate pain threshold, interfere w/ pain, alter pain or combo of all 3
Narcotic/Opiod Analgesic S/E (11) Sedation, euphoria, light-headedness, dizziness, agitation, miosis, depression of breathing, hypotension, brady/tachycardia, urinary retention, allergic reaction
Narcotic/Opiod Analgesics NI (6) check respir - <12 - call Dr, put date and time , if >48hrs call Dr, I&O, coughing, safety
Dolophine Uses (2) treat severe pain and opiod dependence
Paregoric Uses (2) treat severe diarrhea and intestinal cramping
Narcotic Antagonist (1) Narcan
Narcan Action competes/blocks receptor sites so that narcotic contacts
Narcan Use treat respiratory depression when excessive doses of opiate agonist have been admin
Non-Opiod Analgesics - Sub Categories & Meds (2) Salicylate - Aspirin; Non-Salicylate - Tylenol
Salicylate - Aspirin - Actions (4) analgesic, antipyritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant - 650-1000 mg is normal adult
Salicylate - Aspirin - Uses (7) Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory conditions, mild to moderate pain & fever, prevent thrombosis, prevent MI & stroke, sign of intoxicity is tinnitis
Salicylate - Aspirin - S/E (4) GI Bleeding, bruising, allergy, hepatitis
Non-Salicylate - Tylenol - Actions (2) anti-pyretic & analgesic
Non-Salicylate - Tylenol - NI (2) no alcohol & antidote for overdose of acetaminophen b/c protects liver cells
NSAIDS Meds (2) Advil & Naprosyn
NSAIDS Actions (3) Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic
NSAIDS Uses (6) Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, MS disorders, mild to moderate pain, dysmenorrhea, fever reduction
NSAIDS S/E (10) bleeding, N/V, diarrhea/constipation, CNS side effects, high/low BP, high/low Blood Sugar, cardiac arrhythmias, MI, impair renal function
NSAIDS NI - individual Advil - visual disturbance; Naprosyn - use in dental practice & OTC
Gout/Uric Acid Inhibitors - Meds (2) Benemid & Colchicine
Gout/Uric Acid Inhibitor - Benemid Use Relieve acute gout attack & prevent gout
Gout/Uric Acid Inhibitor - Colchicine Use treat gout & gouty arthritis; adjunct w/ Anti-Biotic
Sedatives & Hypnotics - Sub Categories & Meds (3) Barbiturates - Nembutal & Seconal; NonBarbiturate - Dalmane
Sedatives & Hypnotics - Barbiturates & Non Barbiturates Actions (2) Produce CNS depression, mild sedation & respiratory depression
Sedatives & Hypnotics - Barbiturate Uses (2) pre-op meds & short acting
Anticonvulsant Drugs (4) Dilantin, Valium, Lamictal, Neurontin
Anticonvulsant Action increase seizure threshold & regulate excitatory processes - calm nerves
Anticonvulsant Dilantin Uses (2) Used in Tonic-Clonic seizures; prevents seizures
Anticonvulsant Valium Use treat status epilepticus
Central Acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants Meds (3) Flexeril, Lioresal, Valium
Central Acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants Actions (2) Unknown, Acting by CNS Depression
Central Acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants - Lioresal Use treat spasticity D/T MS & spinal cord injuries
Central Acting Skeletal Muscle Relaxants Valium Uses (7) Anxiety, Alcohol w/drawl, endoscopic procedures, pre-op sedation, cardioversion, status epiliepticus, relieve muscle spasms, spasticity D/T cerebral palsy & periplegia
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist - Meds (2) Parlodel & Sinement
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist - Parlodel - Action (2) dopamine agonist & used in infertility
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist - Sinemet Action (3) combo of levadopa & carbidopa, establish balance of dopamine & acetocholine in brain, convert dopamine & increase dopamine in brain
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist - Sinemet Use Treatment of Parkinsonism
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist - Sinemet S/E (14) Cardiac arrthymias, anorexia & dizziness, Bradycardia, Akinsia, Dry Mouth, blurred vision, mydriasis, mental changes including suicidal tendency, paranoia, depression, anxiety, nightmares, hallucinations
Drugs used to treat Parkinsonism - Dopamine Agonist NI (5) dont stop abruptly, space between doses, give w/ food, safety, contraindictated in pts with CVD & peptic ulcer disease
CNS Stimulant Drugs - Sub Categories & Meds (2) Analeptic - Vivarin (caffeine) Amphetamine - Ritalin
CNS Stimulant Drugs - Analeptic - Vivarian (caffeine) Action Constriction of cerebral BV, stimulates CNS at all levels including cerebreal cortex, medulla & spinal, cardiac stimulation, diuretic effect, dilation of coronary & peripheal BV
CNS Stimulant Drugs - Amphetamine - Ritalin Uses (3) Narcolepsy, ADHD, Obesity
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