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7B-021814 Vocabulary

amiss (adj.) faulty, imperfect, not as it should be; (adv.)in a mistaken or improper way, wrongly
brawl (n.) a noisy quarrel or fight; (v.) to quarrel or fight noisily.
detest (v.) to hate, dislike very much, loathe
domestic (adj.) native to a country, not foreign; relating to the life or affairs of a household; (n.) a household servant
flagrant (adj.)extremely bad, glaring; scandalous, notorious
flaw (n.) a slight fault, defect, crack
fledgling (n.) an inexperienced person, beginner; a young bird about to leave the nest; (adj.) inexperienced, budding
fluster (v.) to make or become confused, agitated, or nervous; (n.) state of confusion or agitation.
foremost (adj. )chief, most important, primary; (adv.) in the first place
momentum (n.) the force or speed with which something moves.
notable (adj.) striking, remarkable; (n.) a person who is well known, distinguished, or outstanding in some way
nurture (v.) to bring up, care for, train, nourish (n.) rearing, training, upbringing
paradox (n.) a self-contradictory statement that on closer examination proves true; a person or thing with seemingly contradictory qualities.
perjury (n.) the act of swearing to a lie
presume (v.) to take for granted without proving; assume or suppose; to dare, take upon oneself
prior (adj.) earlier, former; earlier or before in time, order, or importance.
proficient (adj.) skilled, expert, or capable in any field or activity
salvo (n.) a burst of gunfire or cannon shot, often as a tribute or salute; a sudden burst of anything; a spirited verbal attack
vigilant (adj.) wide awake, alert, watchful
wrath (n.) Intense anger, often with the desire for revenge; punishment or vengeance, as for a sin or crime
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