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XR 106

XR 106 midterm

the term "pediatrics" refers to specialized care of cildren
the term "geriatrics" refers to specialized care of the eldery
a valid choice is one in which both alternatives are acceptable to you, the healthcare provider
when an 8 year old cries and behaves more like a toddler, what is an appropriate response on your part? off the child some valid choices
an exaggerated sense of modesty is most typical of which age group? young teens
which commercial immobilization device is designed specifically for upright chest and abdomen radiography of infants and small children? pigg-s-stat
which commercial immobilization device for pediatric patients allows for a PA, AP, right and left laterals, and all 4 oblique positions to be performed without readjusting the restraints? octostop
who would you choose to hold a child who must physically be restrained for an xray? child's father, grandmother, mother as a last result...NEVER another xray tech
true or false: pediatric anatomy is the same as an adult's anatomy? false: a pediatric skeleton is easier to penetrate compared to an adult skeleton
baby fat that develops in the first 4 months of life begins to disappear what age?
the most important consideration in formulating exposure factors for pediatric techniques should be to use the shortest exposure time possible
a quick method of formulating a pediatric technique is to compare the size of the patient's body part to the body part of an adult, and then use the technique you would use for them
why is gonadal shielding particularly important in pediatric radiography? immature reproductive cells are more vulnerable to injury from radiation
what are some signs that would raise a concern about child abuse? multiple injuries, injuries inconsistent with the report of trauma, evidence of chronic or repeated injuries
a foreign body that has been aspirated will be detected radiographically where? the bronchus, or the trachea
achieving quality radiographs on elderly patients with demineralized bones is best achieved by decreasing the kVp
mental impairment from Alzheimer disease, stroke, or other organic brain syndrome can result in the loss of what? orientation, memory, intellect
as the skeleton ages, the bones tend to loose their calcium content, becoming porous and more radiolucent. what is this condition called? osteoporosis
what is osteoporosis? a condition in which the bones lose calcium content and become more porous and radiolucent
what patient age group is usually affected by osteoporosis the elderly
what could you do to aid in obtaining quality radiographs of an elderly patient with Parkinson's disease? use a high mA with short exposure times, radiograph the patient int he recumbent position when possible, avoid noisy background situations
ulcerated areas caused by pressure put on bony prominences are called decubitus ulcers, or bed sores
what is the cause of a bed sore? pressure exerted on a bony prominence that deprives the area of circulation
what can the limited operator do to reduce the risk of decubitus ulcers during imaging procedures? use a radiolucent sponge to cushion bony prominences
a large gropu of disorders associated with brain damage or impaired cerebral function is called organic brain syndrome
which disease is associated with the geriatric population and has the early characteristic symptom of fine tremors in the hands or feet that eventually spread to the entire body? parkinson's disease