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RT Mini Mock #1

Mini Mock #1, body habitus, landmarks, lines

The amount of radiation deposited per unit length of tissue traversed by incoming photons is called: Linear energy transfer
Cataractogenesis, life span shortening, embryological effects, and carcinogenesis are examples of? Long term somatic effects
Compton interaction: decreases contrast in the radiographic image
An ionization chamber circuit places: an ionization chamber between the IR and the patient
Full wave rectification uses: four silicon based semiconductors
What is the purpose of a grid? to remove scatter radiation from the remnant beam
What is the proper list of substances that make up the human body listed from least dense to most dense? Air, fat, water, muscle, bone, tooth enamel
Bit depth describes? the available gray scale of an imaging system
If it is necessary to reduce radiographic density by half, and it is impossible to do so by changing mAs, the radiographer may: decrease kVp by 15%
For the parietoacanthial projection (waters) for the sinuses, the OML forms an angle of how many degrees with the cassette? 37
For the PA axial projection for the colon, the central ray is angled caudad how many degrees? 30 to 40
The carpal bones are arranged in two rows as follows: Proximal row(scaphoid,lunate,triqueral,pisiform) Distal row(trapezium,trapezoid,capitate,hamate)
The prominent point of the elbow is called the: Olecranon, part of the ulna
Imaging of what pathological condition would require radiography of the c-spine? Jefferson's fracture
What is a fracture of the distal radius in the forearm with dorsal (posterior) displacement of the wrist and hand? Colles' fracture
What is talipes? club foot
The suffix that means "condition" is: -osis
The suffix that means "disease" is: -pathy
Bradycardia indicates a pulse of: less than 60 beats per minute
Hypersthenic massive build, 5% of population
Sthenic average build, 50% of population
Hyposthenic slender build, 35% of population
Asthenic very slender build, 10% of population
What is the level of the vertebra prominens? C7-T1
What is the level of the jugular notch? T2-T3
What is the level of the sternal angle? T4-T5
What is the level of the xiphoid process? T9-T10
What is the level of the inferior costal (rib) margin? L2-L3
What is the level of the iliac crest? L4-L5
What is the level of the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)? S1-S2
What is the level of the greater trochanter and symphysis pubis? 1 inch inferior to distal coccyx
What is the level of the ischial tuberosity? 1-2 inches inferior to distal coccyx
What is the OML? orbitomeatal line
What is the IOML? infraorbitomeatal line
What is the IPL? interpupillary line
What is the SOML? super orbitomeatal line
What is the GML? glabellomeatal line
What is the AML? acanthiomeatal line
What is the GAL? glabelloalveolar line
What is the recumbent position with the whole body tilted so the head is lower than the feet? Trendelenburg
What is the recumbent position with the body tilted so that the head is higher than the feet? Fowlers
What is the MML? mentomeatal line
What is the LML? lipsmeatal line
What is the name of C1? atlas
What is the name of C2? axis
What 3 bones make up the innominate bone? ilium, ischium, and pubis
What 2 facial bones are not paired? vomer and mandible
What are the 4 cranial sutures? saggital, coronal, lambdoid, squamosal
After a Myelography how long does the patent need to stay laying down? 2-4 hours
Created by: Chrslarsen